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Website Video

Video can be used in multiple ways on your website.

Background Video

When we concept and design websites, we’re focused on user experience. Adding video to your website is another way to improve the experience for the user. Video can be used in multiple ways on your website.

A popular use of video on a website is adding it to the top banner of the homepage. If you go to our homepage, you’ll see an example of this use. Typically, adding video here is only 30-60 seconds of footage without audio. It’s what we call “b-roll”, which is footage of your organization’s environment and culture. It’s a quick-cut edit of footage to give visitors a quick view of your organization. 

This type of video is a great way to intro your organization without having to use text or multiple photos. We can pack this video right into the website and engage your audience immediately when they land on the homepage. It’s powerful. 

About Us/Culture Video

Another popular website video is one that captures the essence of your organization through b-roll and a spokesperson sharing more details on camera. If you go to our About page, you’ll see this type of video.

This video is typically 3-5 minutes in length and gives the website visitor an even more personal experience and connection with an organization. They can see the organization in its natural environment, see the people, experience the culture and understand what you do. Also, the visitor is able to connect with the person on camera, which can’t be achieved through text or photos in the same way. 

The website visitor might be thinking: who are they and what do they do? This video explains just that. 

Product Video

Video is another great solution for showcasing a product on a website. Maybe it’s a high-end product that needs to be explained visually and in greater detail using video. Maybe you need to showcase multiple products together.

Either way, videos are incredible tools for capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to pay attention to your product. No other medium can get a website visitor to interact with your product in the same way. 

Service Video

Like a product video, a service video is all about showcasing a service on a website. We can show the service in action. We can display the process from start to finish. We can craft a compelling video ad of your service to encourage visitors to sign up. A service video is a perfect marketing tool to showcase a service, show how it works and convert a visitor into a service customer. 

With each website video format, our goal is to engage your audience, get their attention and encourage them to act—whether that’s purchasing something or signing up for a consultation. Our video is planned and produced with a goal in mind. 

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