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Video Production.

If a picture says a thousand words, just think what a video can do.

Capture your audience's attention immediately.

Share your story with lights, camera, action.

Watch a quick reel of recent video work:

Video is the most engaging form of media. It makes people stop, watch, and listen. It captures attention unlike anything else.  

At Speak, our goal is to help you take advantage of this powerful medium. We take the lead and guide you through the entire process. We start with creative planning where we draft the story and plan our shots. Then we do our shoot and capture just the right footage and interviews. Finally, we come back to the studio where it all comes together into your story. We even help with your distrubution plan.

Let's Talk About Your Video

Consider video for...

Website background

Using video in the background of your website is a powerful way to draw visitors in. These videos typically have no audio but focus on giving visitors an inside look at your organization's environment and operations.


Your organization's history, mission, and leadership captured on film and combined with footage of your environment and operations brings your audience into a deeper understanding of who you are and how you operate.


These days a written testimonial is often overlooked, but personal interviews with your customers/members/employes members makes a powerful impression.


Aside from holding your product in their hands, video is the best way to let your potential customers get to know your product. We can showcase and display features, benefits and product-use, all in a format that's accessible to anyone.


Service organizations often have an uphill battle explaining what they have to offer and how they are different. Video is an outstanding format for helping potential customers get to know your offering, your processes and your benefits, moving them one step closer to buying.

Let's get rolling.

We know video is an important piece of your overall marketing strategy. For a partner who understands the full package of your digital presence, with the benefit of video production by our own in-house videographer, look no further than Speak. 

YMCA of Memphis

Mid-South Irrigation & Landscape

National Civil Rights Museum

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Powerful Storytelling

Stories are the oldest and most immersive means of communication. For centuries, we've been entertained, persuaded, and preserved in a moment through hearing and reading the accounts of others. Through video, we can take that storytelling to a new level, adding a visual element that is both beautiful and compelling. From start to finish, we bring your story to life making it easier to share with your audience.

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3, 2, 1 ... Action!

Whether you’re looking to capture your culture, tell success stories, raise funds for your organization, or anything in between, we create videos that inspire. We will identify end goals for your video, working towards those goals until we achieve a stunning, final product.

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Make an Impact

No matter what format you need – for social media, website, events, conferences, and more – your video can be used across platforms to tap into new audiences. Video can give your business the momentum you need to reach others, show your value, and engage in a more personal way.

The nature of video makes it one of the most impactful tools for lead generation. In seconds, a business can make a first impression, set themselves apart from competitors, and establish a connection.

Megan Jones, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist