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Video Editing

Powerful video all starts with a plan and the right film shot selection.

Capturing The Film

Powerful video all starts with a plan and the right film shot selection. We want to effectively tell your story so we plan ahead of time to guarantee we capture each necessary part. Then we bring our gear on site and get the footage.

Our video production on-site starts with shooting what is called “b-roll” footage. This is the natural action within your organization or business. We go through your entire location capturing the natural work, movement and flow. This b-roll footage sets the foundation for everything we produce.

After filming b-roll, we move into capturing on-camera interviews. This is where we capture a spokesperson for your organization. Adding someone on camera gives a face to your organization and allows your audience to relate directly with who you are. In some cases, we might decide it’s necessary to capture more than one person, but at least one person makes the film more personal.

If your needs are for product or service-specific videos, then we film both b-roll and interviews specific to those areas. We capture the details of your product or service in its every-day, natural state, and mix that with a spokesperson. Of course, there are instances when someone doesn’t need to be on camera and a voice over is the best component. We determine this during our planning phase.

Editing & Packaging It All Together

Editing and packaging video is the second, but equally crucial stage of the video production process. Here we compile all of the footage collected, sift through it and build a video edit that is compelling, engaging and specific to your organization and your audience.

Depending on your needs, we may only package b-roll footage together to serve as a website background video. Using video in this way allows website visitors to get an immediate glimpse of who you are, what you do and how you do it. This first impression is important and video helps you put the best foot forward.

If we captured interviews or someone on-camera, then we package the b-roll and interview together. We layer it so everything is cohesive and tells a specific story. Visually we show your organization through b-roll footage while the spokesperson is telling through audio. It’s a powerful combination of story—to see and hear.

At the end of each project, we deliver the video in the exact format you need, whether that’s for a website, social media, event, commercial spot, or anything else.

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