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Social Media Video

Today, you can use video in more ways than ever before.

Creating a Social Media Video Strategy

Social media video is ever-changing. Today, you can use video in more ways than ever before. You can live broadcast moments and events. You can share snippets on Instagram and Snapchat. The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to social media video.

First, we’ll help you develop a social media video strategy that works for your organization. We’ll determine the type of videos to create so everything is cohesive. You don’t want to go into video blindly and take a shot in the dark each time you create and share a video. This is why we’ll put a strategy in place from the very beginning. 

Filming, Editing & Producing Social Video

Our strategy guides each film and edit. This saves all of us time and guarantees we produce exactly what you need. Our team can do two things for you: 

  • We film and edit: our videographer captures the footage and audio, and then edits and produces the final video for you to share across your social platforms.
  • You film and we edit: you capture the footage and audio, and then send it to our videographer to edit and produce for you to use.

We provide both options for social media video because there are times when you want to get a message out but don’t need us to come to you to film. All we do is edit and produce the video so it’s a professional cut for you to use on social media. 

At other times, you’ll want us to come capture what’s happening, maybe an event or product reveal. In these cases, you need someone to film with professional gear and a keen eye to detail. We’ll package everything together and provide the professional cut you need for social. 

Boosting Video on Social Media

One of the reasons why we love video so much is because it engages more people organically than other media. However, there are times when you need to put a few advertising dollars behind the video and boost it for more of your audience to see. We’ll help you do just that. 

For example, Facebook has a great advertising platform with inexpensive video ads. Add a few dollars to a video campaign and go from 200 views to 2,000 views in a matter of days. 

Why Social Media Video Works

Attention spans are getting shorter. Photos are great, but a video is more than one photo. It’s the closest experience we get to real life. Video goes where no other media goes. Social media users actually pay more attention to videos. They have the attention span for video. So let’s leverage these benefits and get our audiences to pay attention. 

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