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Beyond Branding

Siskind Susser is one of the leading immigration law firms in North America. Siskind wanted to update their branding to reflect its prominence in the market while remaining approachable. Speak created branding that had a modern, professional tone and equipped Siskind with brand guidelines that will help them stay consistent with its new branding. After the branding was complete, it was then used to create visalaw.com. Our main aim was to create an excellent user experience making it easy for current and future clients to access the information they need.

In The Details

Through intentional branding, Siskind Susser now has an online presence that reflects the quality of its services. The professionalism of their online presence is mirrored in all of their brand collateral giving them a leg up on their competition both online and in-person.


Brand Colors

Siskind Susser's colors were selected to be ADA compliant allowing users of all abilities to easily navigate their site. The beige and blue keep the brand welcoming yet sharp.

Logo Options

It was important to give Siskind several colorways for their logo. By outlining several logo variations they will have an option for every use case. 


These custom icons were created to give users a visible representation of the content. Clear icons are important for good UX, but often times icons need to be custom in order to reflect the entirity of the brand. 


Brand Collateral 

The brand guidelines booklet not only guides the direction of all Siskind Susser collateral but makes it easier to create new collateral or quickly brand a document. 

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