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Seamen's Church Institute. Unsung Heroes.

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With 90% of the world’s goods transported via water, mariners are the unsung heroes of the U.S. and world economy. Seamen's Church Institute, or SCI, headquartered in New York City, stands today as the largest, most comprehensive mariners’ agency in North America. Founded in 1834, SCI offers maritime education, political advocacy, and pastoral care for mariners of all faiths. We created a single custom site for all of the organization's facets, including the headquarters, Center for Maritime Education, and International Seafarers' Center.

Seamen's Church Institute Web Pages

Design Direction

Mariners are the heart of SCI. Our design direction focused on the raw reality of being a mariner and the impact SCI has on the joys and hardships of mariner life. As an organization, SCI is steadfast and dependable, so we chose to showcase that strength through the use of bold type and large areas of photos and contrasting colors.

Brand Decisions

We integrated a darker feel for the Seamen's Church Institute's website design, paired with a muted ocean color scheme give the user the chance to engage more with the amazing photography that so perfectly supports the content and goal of SCI as an organization. Each of the site's elements, big and small, assimilate into purposeful, strong, and real storytelling. 


Custom Patterns

The custom land and sea patterns we created were the backdrop for the entire site. These visuals provide subtle sea imagery without distracting the viewer. The map theme is carried throughout the site with a consistent contour and route lines. 


Font Choice and Tone

The brand tone portrays the brand as an established, reliable and well respected center for education. The fonts, visuals, and photography used to support the brand are all emotionally positive and motivating.

  • Professional

  • Dependable

  • Brave

  • Engaging



Icons are a great way to tie the theme with clear CTAs, or Calls to Action. Seamen's Church has several desired outcomes for the user journey, and these icons provided a clear way to achieve those goals. 



Eye catching web design makes it fun for the viewer but also encourages them to spend more time on the page. Through intentional design and strategic decisions, we built a site that is easy to find via search and creates conversion.



The Full Experience