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Root is on a mission to create a more vibrant and inclusive Tulsa by helping people discover the unique and hidden events, places, and things to do around Tulsa that make the city culturally diverse. Through custom development, we were able to build Root both a site and a system for collecting content, approving it, and distributing it through an easy to navigate calendar, guides, and more.

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An Urban Field Guide

With an organization like Root that will provide so much to Tulsans, presenting all of the information in a digestible, easy-to-navigate format was key. From art gallery openings to happy hour specials, Root is a one-stop-shop for residents and tourists of Tulsa. The Root site gives Tulsa:

  • Access to a Community-Wide Calendar

  • Ability to Filter for Events by Tag, Date, and Theme

  • A Place to Submit and Highlight Local Events

  • Information on Deals and Guides

  • Local Relief and Funds List for Donors

  • Available Aid Resources

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With great power, comes great responsibility

Submissions from the community and local businesses are what ensures that Root remains a diverse resource for Tulsa. However, trying to maintain a calendar of events for an entire city while also publishing guides and maintaining resources is no small feat. At times, Root can receive over 700 event submissions to their calendar in one day. Creating tools that allowed Root admins to batch process content and highlight events where necessary was essential. We designed a system that can grow alongside the city and as Root becomes a permanent fixture in the fabric of the city, connecting Tulsans to their community.
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"Speak Creative has been an outstanding partner for us. We needed more than a web developer but a real technology partner. My check-ins with the Speak team throughout this project truly shaped the direction we took. Speak showed us what we could leverage, what made the most sense for our mission, and what would be cost-effective. Speak is responsible for the project’s success just as much as anyone on our team. Having a partner that can so confidently handle the technical aspects of Root has allowed my team to stay absorbed in Tulsa's numerous events which is critically important to the project."

- Matt Carney // Root Tulsa

Matt Carney