Rob Smith Dental

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Rob Smith Dental

A new kind of cool.

Project Goals

Nashville doesn’t typically exude a West Coast/surfer vibe, but that’s exactly the feel dentist Rob Smith wanted to pursue for both his new office and his website. Speak was stoked to work on a project with this much personality.

Dentist websites typically features lots of white space, pictures of staff and lots of pretty teeth, and while none of those are wrong, the vision Dr. Rob Smith had for his practice went well beyond the typical. This Nashville-area dentist wanted to bring his passions and personality into both his new office spaces as well as his website. Dr. Smith offers a new way to receive dental care, from braces to dentures and fillings - a comprehensive office that can serve his patients complete dental needs.

When you enter the digital front door of his practice - his home page - you are welcomed with bright, vivid photography of his office, along with subtle hints at what you’ll find in person. His practice values keeping patients at ease and his laid back style comes off meticulously.

Each room is named for a major surf break and vintage surf boards line the walls to exam rooms. This love for all things surfing carry into the overall website feel, with subtle nods to rolling waves like button styles with animated gifs upon rollover.

This website wins on a number of fronts.

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Well in the world of SEO, that’s not exactly true, but great photography creates an instant, emotional connection with users. The professionally taken images are well-lit, vibrant and draw us in immediately. Investing in a photo shoot is not always part of a client’s marketing plan or even budget, but the results that come from using great imagery can’t be beat.

It’s okay to be playful.

Smith Dental Nashville stepped out of the box so many in the medical industry stay in and let their personality and passions shine through. For new patients considering where to go for braces, this website provides the information moms and dads need, but the photography and overall vibe show off a certain cool factor to the soon-to-be patient.

Spin that color wheel.

During our initial discovery meeting, Dr. Smith gave us a pin-board full of inspiration and a color palette. We absolutely love that the office is filled with bright, electric colors and we incorporated these into the website design. While traditional marketing like business stationery and forms may not be the place to carry such vibrant colors, consider how they can play up your website and really make those calls-to-action grab the user’s attention.

While Nashville might not be known for ‘surf’ culture, Smith Dental Nashville certainly will be. We are so excited about our partnership with Dr. Rob Smith and think this multi-location practice in the Nashville community has a future as bright as its ‘Trestles’ exam room.

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