Without warning, the world had to shut down and take it online. But there is one thing we do know: This will end! Do you have a plan for recovery? Recovery itself will likely be in phases, but if positioned right this can be a time of growth for your organization. You’ve already grown your online presence, now let’s leverage it together for greater reach. Here’s the path to recovery as we see it:

Communicate With Your Audience

Just as you had to communicate that you were closed, communicate that you’re open. Don’t shy away from sharing the precautions you are continuing to take as an organization as your audience will likely be wary of COVID-19 long after the thick of it is behind us. Here’s how you can communicate with your audience:

  • Email Marketing: Send an email to your audience letting them know you’re open once again and what you’re doing to celebrate.
  • Page Alerts: You likely created a page alert on your website to inform your audience you were closed, now use that page alert to inform them you are open. You may be asking, don’t they know I’m open because I’ve got my regular business hours on my site? Not necessarily. We’re big fans of the ‘tell them and then tell them again’ strategy.
  • Push Notifications: If your app allows you to send push notifications send a notification to your audience letting them know you’re back.
  • Update Google My Business Listing: If you’ve changed your hours or created a post to let your audience know how you’re addressing COVID-19, change your hours back and let them know your plans to address COVID-19 moving forward.

Realign Your Call to Action

During the Take It Online phase you were asking your audience to engage online, but now you want in-person engagement as well as online engagement. Now it’s time to realign your call to action with the original purpose of your organization. Here’s how:

  • Content and Navigation Transformation: If you changed the purpose of your website to temporarily help your audience find your online resources and other essential messaging it’s time to navigate back to your previous layout. Focus on what will drive your audience to your desired action. Is it purchasing a ticket or getting a quote? Whatever it may be make sure your website entices that action.

Up The Marketing Ante

While still searching for a new normal it’s important that you hit the marketing hard. You’ve likely captured new followers when you took things online, but how will you convert them to loyal fans? Don’t take your foot off the gas. This is the moment you were made for and it’s the moment you’ll grow.