Speak Creative | Raleigh Group Case Study

Raleigh Group. Patient care that connects.

Raleigh group logo on window

Brand Vision

The Raleigh Group wanted branding that would connect with their patients and align with their physical space. Their space is bright, open, and has an atrium-like atmosphere. Similarly, they wanted their brand to nod to the community in which they serve and the safe space they provide.

Graceland animated banner

Branding Details



The Raleigh Group mentioned wanting a house incorporated into the logo as a representation of the safe space they foster for the community. We wanted to honor this request while also making sure the logo clearly represented what they do. By incorporating the stethoscope and the heart, the Raleigh Group’s mission is well illustrated.



These colors are a brighter version of the colors you’ll find in the Raleigh Group’s practice. We chose to brighten them for ADA compliance and help bring to life the playful nature of the brand.

Patterns and Icons

Through a hand-drawn pattern, we were able to nod to the Memphis community Raleigh Group serves. The “M” Bridge, the Peabody ducks, the Memphis grizzly, and the Memphis Zoo’s bear all appear in the illustration. The icons continue the youthful, but professional feeling.

Font Choice and Tone

The brand tone portrays the brand as an established, but modern and well respected pediatric center. The fonts, visuals, and photography used to support the brand are all emotionally positive.

  • Professional

  • Youthful

  • Caring

  • Engaging


Branding Continued

In addition to creating a brand for the Raleigh Group, we were tasked with creating a new website that brought their new branding online. There were a few key elements that made sure the tone was carried through and that their goals were accomplished. 


In the pattern, you’ll notice movement that is hand-drawn, but within the site, we wanted movement through hover effects and parallaxing. This movement continues the youthful feel and makes the site more engaging. 

Designing Clear Calls To Action

A beautiful site is great, but we believe in both form and function. When asking Raleigh Group about their main goals for the site, it became clear that they were looking to educate and empower their patients’ parents. The site needed to not only be an educational tool, but to equip users with information that would help them avoid an unnecessary trip to the doctor. You can see above that in addition to the expandable menu, we have a sticky navigation bar that follows you throughout the site. This highlights the four main calls to action and helps users quickly get the information they need most. 

“This branding project was special for me because this was my pediatric office as a child. When I went in to meet with the Raleigh Group, everyone there was just as happy and welcoming as I remembered. I’m glad we were able to carry that feeling throughout their branding.”

- Whitney Hochstein, Senior Designer

Headshot of Whitney Hochstein, Senior Designer