Paul Tripp

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Paul Tripp

Creating connection, daily.

Project Goals

Paul Tripp is a pastor, author and speaker dedicated to sharing how to practically apply the teachings of the Gospel to everyday life. After many years traveling and speaking as part of his ministry, Tripp realized another way to connect with his community. Paul Tripp Plus, a subscription based mobile app was created.

Exclusive Access

This subscription-based app gives ministry followers special, members-only content and videos; all managed easily through SiteWrench, the same content management system that runs the website.

The iOS and Android app puts relevant teachings on a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, evangelism and more in the hands of members. With the functionality provided by the subscription-based app, users can access what they want, at the time it’s most convenient from them.

The Paul Tripp Plus app features blog content, video-based bible studies, social media access and other exclusive content developed by Paul Tripp and his team. By leveraging app technology, the ministry created a recurring revenue source based on a low monthly fee.

User-managed profiles

Building a custom app on the SiteWrench ministry platform was simple, but creating value for users beyond the content was key to its success. The development team at Speak created a way for individual users to manage their profiles, settings and security information like credit cards and passwords.

Doing so allows users to manage all of this information, and preventing the need for a large customer service team being added to the ministry’s payroll.

No-stress App Updates

As operating systems are updated and hardware changes, the mobile developers at Speak make sure each app continues to function properly. Users of the Paul Tripp Plus app will continue to receive access to the exclusive content they look forward to.

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