My Cup of Tea

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My Cup of Tea

Refreshing Renewal

Project Goals

My Cup of Tea is more than a tea company; it’s a business whose mission is to empower women beyond the boundaries of poverty and neglect. Producing tea while teaching job skills to a community ready for renewal and revitalization is what drives the ladies at My Cup of Tea.

Tea parties might bring to mind Downton Abbey and raised pinkies, but the ladies of My Cup of Tea have a richer history than any television writer could create.

Selling delicious teas is just one part to this business. The organization thrives based on the heart of volunteers whose mission to provide hope to a generation of women living in poverty in one of the oldest communities of Memphis - Orange Mound. We've been lucky to partner with them as they continue to grow their brand, and most importantly touch the lives of the Orange Mound community.

“If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you." ― William Ewart Gladstone

Refining the brand.

Buying the existing tea business, Carey Moore, a Memphian with a heart for missions is pursuing growth for the tea company as a means to provide more training and jobs to the Orange Mound community. Women are taught job-based skills, as well as interviewing, parenting, computer-literacy and money management techniques, in a loving, welcoming environment. Speak was called upon to assist in refreshing the existing brand.

Logo development.

In early discussions with our client, we focused on aspects of the brand they wanted to keep and then considered other inspiration sources. The branding and logo design goals we were after: showcasing new life blooming with hints referencing Orange Mound. After a few iterations, we settled on a design that kept a few elements of the original brand in tack like the typeface, and incorporated the orange blossom to represent fresh life. Interestingly, the women of My Cup of Tea often wear hats with an orange blossom when they exhibit at various farmers markets, so this design really hit the mark.

Stationery & sales collateral.

Keeping in line with the refreshed branding, new business stationery like business cards and sales materials were needed. We've created brochures, rack and donation cards, as well as a Christmas card to help drive awareness of the mission of My Cup of Tea.

Website redesign.

For this aspect of the overall branding project, our goals were to create a responsive, e-commerce website that allowed shoppers to easily and quickly see the available teas and products, but to also showcase how their purchase was being used to better the lives of these women.

You'll find a mega menu of teas expand from the main nav, allowing shoppers to see the available options very quickly, eliminating multiple clicks. Another important e-commerce aspect custom built for My Cup of Tea is the shopping cart. Once an item is added to the cart, from any page, the visitor can hover over the cart icon to see the cart contents and their total.

Visual elements were an important design choice. Showcasing the teas beautifully was important, but also capturing the spirit of My Cup of Tea and the women who work there were a focus. The background and Our Story videos connect website visitors with the greater vision of My Cup of Tea, and the life-change happening in Orange Mound. You'll find vibrant images interspersed throughout the website and in their other brand pieces that bring viewers in to The House, and the work that's done there.

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