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Mo's Bows

Fashion meets fun

Project Goals

A young entrepreneur needed an e-commerce solution that matched his design aesthetic, and showcased his brand and products with style. Relying on the design team at Speak, Mo's Bows new website wows, but most importantly sells.

E-commerce Extends Designers Reach

We love entrepreneurs and small business owners since we started that way ourselves more than 15 years ago. In 2011, an idea was formed and in four short years, an international sensation was born. This young entrepreneur went from sewing a product he liked with his grandmother to marketing a product that the masses have fallen in love with. You may have seen him on Shark Tank or as the fashion correspondent on the 2015 NBA Draft.

Meet Mo from Mo’s Bows

In 2011, a then nine-year-old from Memphis was looking for bow ties. You see, Mo loves to dress up. When he couldn’t find any that matched his tastes, his grandmother stepped in and taught him how to sew his own. That’s all it took. An idea took hold and later a business was born.

One of our designers here at Speak has a long-standing relationship with Mo and his mom, having created the Mo’s Bows logo while freelancing. With his newfound notoriety, Mo’s Bows turned to that same designer for a new website.

The main purpose of this site is centered on e-commerce, allowing those who’ve heard about Mo’s Bows to order their own unique bow tie. Another key to really hitting the mark with the website design was to showcase who Moziah is - portraying his amazing personality and allowing for easy connection through social media.

Design Notes

Video is used on the Home and the Meet Mo pages to add visual interest, but the nature of the videos is purposefully different. On the Home page we strive to showcase the products and the way the bow ties are made. On the Meet Mo page our goal was to reinforce Mo’s fun, outgoing, effervescent personality so shoppers feel connected not only to the products, but also to Mo.

The typewriter typeface and its use in all lowercase subtly reinforce the fact that this super successful company is ultimately run by a young adult. Mo started Mo’s Bows with an idea back in 2011 at age nine, and with the help of those around him, including his mom and grandmother, has turned Mo’s Bows into a successful, up-and-coming fashion brand.

The patterns and bright colors at play are aimed at mimicking Mo’s fun-loving personality. When you look at the patterns he chooses in fabric and the creative names for his products, his personality shines through. We definitely wanted to play that up throughout his site.

Made in Memphis

While Mo’s Bows is gaining momentum and is currently sold in boutiques in five states as well as the Bahamas, his products are still made exclusively in Memphis, Tennessee.

From Where to Shop visitors can quickly toggle through the partner boutiques to shop in-person.

But regardless of how you shop, the same love and attention is poured into the bow ties, pocket squares and neck ties from Mo’s Bows.

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