Mid South Irrigation Case Study

Mid South Irrigation & Landscape. Planting roots.

Mid South Irrigation

Mid South Irrigation & Landscape came to Speak looking for a fresh rebrand. They wanted to create a digital space that demonstrated the level of expertise and client care they provide. We provided Mid South with the digital tools necessary to position their brand as a thought leader. We tackled their branding, website design and development, and continue to support them through their digital marketing retainer. Through this retainer, the Speak team is executing custom content generation, social media management and consulting, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and video production. All of these services work together to carry the brand forward. The results? Mid South has seen a dramatic increase in brand engagement.



The core brand color, an earthy green, paired with tangerine accents, lets the natural hues from their landscapes shine. We presented Mid South with several brand concepts, and you can see that they ultimately went with a statement font. The logo was named one of the Best Irrigation Logos by HindSite Software.


Mid South's work speaks for itself, but it was essential that their work was well represented on their site. Effectively telling their story and displaying the outdoor spaces they create helps set them apart from other landscaping businesses. The user experience is clean and simple, with opportunities to start the conversation strategically placed.

We wanted to not only display each of Mid South’s services, but to highlight the benefits of each. The calls to action within each service allow the user to read more about each service. Giving users the information they need quickly captures interest and helps convert.



Photography and Videography

We wanted to put a modern lens on the landscaping process for Mid South. The idea was to transform a potential customer to an excited one, picturing the Mid South team in their own backyard as they watch the video. Videos help you to get 157% more organic traffic from search engines, according to Brightcove. The video shoot doubled as a photography session that provided Mid South with many photo assets for their brand.

Digital Marketing

Social Media

In an industry that sees many seasonal trends, Mid South needed a social media presence that showed off their best work and services. With a perfect mix of still photos, videography, and graphics, Mid South’s social media accounts are dynamic and engaging for varying audiences year round.




All of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is about making the user experience better and more streamlined. For users this translates to reducing the number of clicks it takes to reach the content they’re searching. For businesses, this means strategically leading users to content as deep into the conversion funnel as possible. In fact, Advanced Web Ranking reports that 67% of all clicks go to the first five organic results, so we propelled Mid South Irrigation & Landscaping's site to the top. This was done through keyword optimization and answering questions like, "Why you need a commercial irrigation system for your business" on their blog.