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Lyon College. Strategic growth.

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With a newly polished website designed to convert, the next step was to develop an individualized audience growth strategy to increase site traffic and visibility and grow Lyon College’s reach.

Growth Optimization

With a goal in mind of maximizing conversion, we set our sights on boosting Lyon’s search engine rankings across local and educational-related searches to not only drive more traffic to the website, but to drive the right people to the right pages.

By focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Lyon College has seen: 

  • A positive change across all searches where Lyon ranked, with an average position jump of 17 rankings

  • Performance at the top of searches related to Arkansas colleges and universities and educational programs such as English, Business Administration and Biology degrees

  • A more than 20% increase in clicks from searching keywords related to “Lyon College”

  • Website traffic nearly doubled from organic and paid search (as compared to other methods such as direct and referral).

Speak always approaches audience growth through a lens of user intent so our clients get more of the traffic they want to see. For Lyon, this means targeting the keywords and key locations that prospective students are searching for. 

Higher education sees slower conversion results than many industries, with 44% of prospective students converting between 60 and 120 days after first visiting a higher education institution’s website. This is why it was crucial we provided Lyon with a competitive, data-driven SEO campaign that brought them to the top of Google searches and continues to keep them rising in the ranks. Recent data shows a positive rank change in 9 keyword or phrase searches and 3 local searches for Lyon.

User Appeal

By tracking where site users are spending their time, we have been able to zone in on user intent and maximize growth results. In 2021, Google Analytics showed healthy traffic growth during months in which students returned to campus. Lyon saw growth overall in page views and time spent on pages. Top pages for Lyon College include:

► Apply

► Academic Programs

► Athletics

Once we’ve done the work of driving users to the Lyon College website, on-site features such as video, interactive statistics, and an innovative virtual campus tour engage users and prompt continued conversion optimization.

Users are spending 10% longer on website pages and unique page views have increased by 25%. 

With the combination of these audience growth strategies, we’re knocking it out of the park for Lyon College. We’re tackling a challenging market in higher education and are seeing great success in modernizing Lyon’s growth efforts, bringing organic traffic to the website, and pushing to the top of search results.

Looking Ahead

With Speak’s help, Lyon is focusing in on data and technology-supported marketing tactics in 2022. With a marketing partner channeling SEO and user intent to target the right audience and engage potential applicants, the college is making strides toward converting searchers into visitors, visitors into prospective students and parents, and prospective students into enrolled students.

“Speak has been an invaluable partner for Lyon College, helping us premier new web content and track its reach. Thanks to their efforts, we have been able to measure visits to our webpages in order to adjust our marketing strategies and better engage with our audience.”

Kelby Newcomb, Marketing and Communications at Lyon College

kelby newcomb