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St. Louis Union Station Ticket Purchase Screen on Laptop
St. Louis Union Station Ticket Purchase Screen on iPhone

Lodging Hospitality Management (LHM) owns and operates the St. Louis Union Station. For years, Union Station served as a train station for the St. Louis area. Today, it plays host to a variety of attractions, restaurants, amenities, and more. Managing one attraction is a challenge in itself, but creating a smooth ticketing process for more than one attraction is especially exacting. LHM called upon Speak to make their ticketing platform, Accesso, perform in a way that provided the best experience for their users. Speak's web development work on St. Louis Union Station's ticketing platform gave LHM the custom, branded, and easily editable ticketing experience they desired.

STL LHM attraction sites on phone

A Better Ticketing Experience

Through custom development, Speak transformed LHM’s ticketing platform, Accesso, into something that would meet St.Louis Union Station’s specific needs. Here are the features created for each Union Station attraction:

  • Branded ticket purchase interface

  • Easily editable communication from STL Union Station throughout the ticket purchase

  • Time-based ticketing that is COVID-19 friendly 

  • Several platform tweaks for better UX on mobile 

  • Added ability to use Stripe as the payment processor 

  • Timed holds placed on tickets and card information throughout the ticket purchase for better UX 

The myth of custom web development

For many, custom web development can seem like a world of mystery, but in its simplest terms, web development solves business problems through technology. We’re pros at taking an existing platform or system, in this case, Accesso, and building the exact functionality you need. If you don’t have an existing system, we can build from the ground up. If something isn’t performing the way you need it to or you are spending too much time addressing a problem, custom web development is your solution.
See LHM's new ticketing platform in action