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Celebrating 50 Years of the Los Angeles Zoo

Project Goals

For a place as vibrant, wild, and exotic as the Los Angeles Zoo, a microsite celebrating its 50th anniversary had to rise to the occasion.

Commemorated with a year-long celebration called ZooLAbrate, the LA Zoo’s anniversary is not just a milestone for the Zoo and its history, but also for the shared community experience the Zoo provides. As the zoo for the Greater Los Angeles area, the LA Zoo sought to create a website that reflects the community’s rich culture, history, and appreciation for the Zoo and its work.

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Something To ZooLAbrate

Much like the LA Zoo itself, the microsite needed to strike the right balance: fun and engaging for all ages, but also informative and interesting. The exciting tone and feel of the microsite – through the use of vivid colors, illustrations of animals, inviting language, and more – immediately brings the visitor in to learn more.

Scrolling down, the user is taken into what makes this anniversary so special: the events to celebrate, the milestones that have lead to this moment, the animals that make it all possible, and the memories that the community shares. Each piece of the site dives more deeply into the year’s celebration and the ways visitors can have fun, learn, explore, and discover more about the Zoo.

Preserving History

Since an anniversary like this only comes once, the Zoo used this opportunity to collect and present its history – both moments that happened within the Zoo and those experienced by visitors of the Zoo.

The first way this history was shown was through the customized timeline, 50 Milestones. These milestones chronicle important moments in the Zoo’s history, from the arrival of the first harpy eagle from Peru in 1966 to the opening of the LA Zoo Lights debut in 2014.

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The LA Zoo was sure to remember that their history as an organization is just one side of the Zoo’s story. Because of the Zoo’s far reach, long legacy, and important role in many lives, they wanted this website to collect the memories of those who have enjoyed the Zoo for years.

On the #MyLAZoo Memories page, visitors are encouraged to submit their memories, whether they are touching, inspiring, or funny. Visitors can share their stories by submitting their information and photos on the website, or simply by tagging their Instagram posts with #MyLAZoo.

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The Zoo’s collaborative approach in featuring these community stories demonstrates both the value of the Zoo, and also the Zoo’s gratitude to the city that has shown its support for the past 50 years. As the quick glance above illustrates, the Memories page highlights stories of all ages, backgrounds, and perspectives who all share one thing in common: they love the LA Zoo!

All About Animals

What would a zoo website be without a few animals? The website not only features the Fabulous Faces visitors can see each day at the Zoo, but it also tells a little story about each one.

By adding these stories, visitors can access meaningful content that creates a stronger relationship with the Zoo. For instance, you can click on this little guy and learn all about how he came to the Zoo, traits of his species, and other anecdotes:

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Here's To 50 Years – And Many More!

As a treasured cultural attraction in Los Angeles, the LA Zoo has delivered smiles, inspired imaginations, and created a caring environment for many endangered animals. Speak Creative used the ZooLAbrate website as a tool to reflect the lives – human and animal, alike! – that have been changed for the better by their work.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Zoo for a dedicated 50 years to their city and their continued efforts to conserve, protect, and enjoy animal life!

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