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Humane Rescue Alliance

250 years of experience

Project Goals

The unique story that the Humane Rescue Alliance came to us with is not one we’ll soon forget. When we were approached by HRA, they had big plans. Previously known as competitors in the D.C. area, the Washington Humane Society and the Washington Animal Rescue League "have each served the animals and people of the District of Columbia and the national capital region for over a century."

With the mission of combining their experience to create a bigger impact, the two separate entities decided to join forces, becoming the first rescue-to-adoption animal welfare team in a major US City.

Combining the two organizations meant a lot digitally: how would they keep and expand the footprint each organization had, while developing a new brand, logo, website and digital presence? That’s where our skills were put to the test - creating a website that answered these questions and helped navigate the new relationship for the public.

HRA Case Study from SiteWrench Support on Vimeo.

Thinking Positive

The first challenge to tackle was how to create a website that appealed to both sides of the spectrum - how could one site detail everything from harrowing rescue work to the first puppy kiss of a newly adopted friend?

By focusing on the new HRA tagline "Animals. People. Community." the site was designed around bringing people together. As we looked back to what the new organization stood for, it was easy to create a vision of community that honored both services and truly captures the idea and mission of the Alliance.

Humane Rescue Alliance - SiteWrench

User-Driven Navigation

Combining two websites into one is no small task, and when those navigations take users down two very different paths, it can be harder. By focusing on the users for the site, what they would be looking for, what appeals to them, and what’s the end goal, we were able to create a navigation that was easy to follow and interact with.

Using a main navigation for key services, as well as a mega menu that touches on different actions a user can take on the site, we are able to properly display all the different ways that a user can get to where they need to go.

Humane Rescue Alliance - SiteWrench

Encourage Adoption

The number one goal of the HRA is to see animals be placed into homes with loving families. Since this was such an important goal for the website, we wanted to make sure it was easy to find. To do this we strategically placed calls-to-action around the site, both in main navigation and mega menu as well as in places throughout the site. An added feature that brings big visibility to adoption is a featured animal popup on the lower right hand side, that sticks with the site as you scroll - bringing a little extra adorableness to every visitor’s day.

Humane Rescue Alliance - SiteWrench

More Adoptions, More Visitors

Combining the two forces of WHS and WARL has been an effective change for the organization. Their site currently receives more than 50,000 visits each month, and adoption rates have increased significantly, making this a partnership that’s paw-sitively purr-fect!

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