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Highland Church. Finding clarity.

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Highland Church of Christ came to Speak for a website redesign that would help visitors find their church online and provide easy access to the information current members were searching for. We set out to create an approachable, friendly site for an approachable, friendly church. By creating more consistent style guidelines around their existing logo, we gave Highland Church a site with exceptional function and form.

Design Direction



We expanded Highland Chruch's color palette to include ADA compliant colors that complimented the existing blue and green in their logo. By utilizing more colors, we were able to do more with the design while still holding true to the brand. 


Tone, Font Choice, and Button Styling

We often ask organizations for words that represent the tone they want reflected within their their new site. This tone is then reflected in all design decisions from font choice to button styling. 

  • Modern

  • Bold

  • Engaging

  • Inspiring



Ahead of the Curve

Nodding to the curve in the Highland Church's signature 'H' we mimicked this design element throughout the site. From the hamburger navigation to the curved edges on images, the design has a subtle and appealing consistency. 



Key Features

Campus Map

A major goal for Highland Church was to have new visitors say, "we found your church online." In order to convert site users to visitors we focused on providing details on what you could expect when visiting. This animated campus map will help new visitors feel more comfortable visiting.


Media Library

Through an easy-to-navigate media library, site users have quick access to the sermons they are looking for. 

Finding clarity.

Highland Church describes itself as a church full of people searching for clear direction. Their mission is to point people to Christ, cut through life’s fogs, and find clarity. Through a site with direct calls to action, they are able to communicate with new visitors and members alike. Whether you are planning a visit for the first time or searching for information as a member, navigating Highland Church of Christ's site is a welcoming, engaging experience.
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“We wanted to give Highland a modern and welcoming site. It was fun to reference their existing logo throughout the site's design elements. They wanted to have people visit that said, "we found you online." Their new site will definitely help accomplish that goal.”

- Whitney Hochstein, Senior Designer

Headshot of Whitney Hochstein, Senior Designer