Speak Creative | Gurley's Azalea Garden Case Study

Gurley's Azalea Garden. Growing a digital landscape.

Gurley's Stats

Gurley’s Azalea Garden is a local landscaping company and plant nursery in Memphis. Their attention to the design and details of each outdoor project sets them apart from their competitors. Gurley’s came to us several years ago looking for a digital marketing partner, so we jumped headfirst into expanding their online presence, ultimately impacting their bottom line.

Our Partnership

The team at Speak manages Gurley’s PPC (pay-per-click), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), custom content, and social media that gets new people acquainted with their brand and creates a clear path to receive a quote from Gurley’s Azalea Garden

We knew that all messaging should reflect the generations of experience Gurley’s brings to the table. The goal of our ongoing partnership was to target users,  generate awareness, and reach interested prospects across the Memphis community year round as opposed to just their busy season. The two core tactics used to achieve this awareness was optimizing for search and both updating and maintaining their Google My Business listing.

The results? An increase in every metric in 2020. Let’s take a look.

  • 13x more lead forms received
  • 96% more website visitors
  • 61% of all calls were first-time callers
  • 468% more calls placed
  • 31% of all visitors came from a google ad
  • 81% of website users were first-time visitors

Social Media Strategy

On the social front, it was important to create content that presents a unified front with the whole brand experience. Incorporating a mixture of carousel ads and static images for their various services, including landscaping, hardscapes, and water feature design allows us to draw the viewer in. Due to the nature of their business as a seasonal provider, we made a plan to tailor each season's ads to account for the upcoming scheduling changes and seasonality that many landscaping companies face. For the colder winter months where searches were previously down, we focused on how and what potential customers were searching. The shift in strategy allowed them to maintain traffic and achieve the highest click through rate of any previous campaign.

Our partnership with Gurley’s demonstrates that smart digital strategies (SEO, PPC, social ads, organic, content) can strategically work together to drive results. 

Interested in all Gurley's has to offer? Give them a shout by heading to gurleysmemphis.com.