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A New Way to Experience the Zoo.

The Fort Worth Zoo is home to more than 7,000 native and exotic animals and is recognized as one of the nation’s top zoos. A long-time partner of Speak, they came to us wanting a new website that would wow visitors from the first encounter. We partnered with the zoo to bring their vision to life: a unique, exciting website that encompasses seamless functionality and UX design, while highlighting everything they have to offer.

From ticketing and events to spotlighting their vital missions of conservation and education, we built Fort Worth Zoo a website that checks all the boxes.

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The Approach.

The team at Fort Worth Zoo wanted to inject their digital presence with a contemporary, playful look that would encourage more interaction on their website and speak to their brand. Speak built their site on our proprietary SiteWrench platform to achieve the end result: a stunning, user-first experience, and a design that feels both fresh and timeless.

Finding Balance

From the start, they envisioned a website that’s balanced across the board, with organic colors that don’t feel dull, subtle textures, gradients, and movement that add interest without becoming busy or overwhelming, and content that’s easily digestible without compromising excitement. 

Visual elements

We created a design that feels verdant and fresh, with bright greens and pops of tan and blue that evoke colors found in the zoo’s many exciting exhibits. Organic textural additions bring the page to life and give a nod to some of Fort Worth Zoo’s animals and their habitats, from a bamboo pattern to zebra-like stripes texturing parts of the background, bringing focus to content and adding a playful element to the modern design. 

A website as unique as Fort Worth Zoo. 

We brought small details to life in a big way to create a site that’s completely representative of everything special about the zoo. Fort Worth Zoo is known for the characteristic foliage throughout its exhibits. As a personal touch, we incorporated the different colors and shapes of leaves that can be found throughout the zoo across the site and brought them to life with subtle movement and texture. 

A site that moves.

We injected fun, subtle animations throughout the site as well. Some leaves “sway” as if being blown by the wind, and the header logo and the call-to-action buttons have a wiggle effect when you hover over them. 

The end result is a site that feels fun and playful, without minimizing the seriousness of the animal care and conservation efforts that Fort Worth Zoo deeply values.


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Fort Worth Zoo design elements

A GDUSA Award Winner.

The newly revamped Fort Worth Zoo website received a 2022 American Digital Design Award from Graphic Design USA for its innovative and exciting design.

“Our experience with Speak has been top notch! As a client, we feel respected and that our needs are priority. Every member of the team is extremely talented. We are amazed by how easily they were able to take our ideas and not only create a visually stunning website, but also one that functions smoothly for our guests. We look forward to working with them for many years!”

Helen Chase, Digital Media Coordinator, Fort Worth Zoo

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