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You've got mail.

Email Marketing

Stay front and center with customers and prospects through branded communication.

Affordable and easy to track.

From subject lines to body copy and visual touches, we can create an email marketing campaign that mirrors your website and effectively communicates your brand. Email marketing allows you to distribute your message and actually measure the results with click-through rates and conversions. It's not just about sending an email, it's about making a connection and either introducing yourself, or reminding someone you're still here.

B2B email marketing management

Email updates are an easy way to remind clients and prospects that you're still available and eager to provide your services. Did you recently finish an impressive project?Win an award? Carve out a new service offering? Or, did you just launch your shiny new app, made by Speak? Well, what better way to share that news, create buzz, drive traffic to your website and draw attention to your business than with an email delivered straight to the inbox of your contacts, all at once?

B2C email marketing management

You have a product or service and a interested audience that wants to know more. Deliver your news directly to mailboxes on desktops, smartphones or tablets, with beautifully crafted email messages. Offers, special pricing or packages, new locations, holiday greetings - whatever your message may be, we can deliver it, strategically.

Stay top of mind.

Our custom system offers all the tools you need to reach an individual or a group of ten thousand. Our email marketing specialists are also comfortable designing templates for your current or desired system (Constant Contact, MailChimp, MyEmma, etc.), if you like.

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