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The Story

Discovery Park of America is positioned right outside of Union City, Tennessee. It sits on 50 acres of land and boasts over 100,000 square feet of a world-class educational venue. An organization this large needed a website that was simple to use but impressively designed. Not even a global pandemic in the middle of development could keep this website from being great. After a few months and a lot of intentional collaboration, Discovery Park’s new site was born. Decked out with custom styling, campaign landing pages, membership integration, and an interactive exhibit feature, Discovery Park had a site that finally matched the grandeur of its facilities.

Visual Elements 

The site’s visual journey is represented through a dark feel, shown in the buttons and menus, contrasted with the excitement of neon hues and playful designs. 


Simple Menu

An easy to understand and quickly actionable menu was a top priority for the Discovery Park site. Implementing their color scheme without a branding overload kept the palette and brand voice woven throughout the user experience.

Captivating Testimonials

Discovery Park knows that potential customers need to hear about others' experiences visiting an attraction, which is why testimonials were a main focus for the site. Sometimes personal anecdotes like this can get buried in the sitemap for lack of interest, but we chose to display them front-and-center on the homepage. 


Many elements on the site are dynamic and full of life. You might spend a few moments on the site before noticing the subtle movements of buttons, photos, CTAs, and textual elements. The movement is meant to inspire site visitors to become onsite visitors that immerse themselves in the hands-on experiences they’ll find at Discovery Park.  


Storytelling that means more

With 9 permanent exhibits and rotating seasonal exhibits, there are many memories to be made when walking around Discovery Park. The site helps tell the story of the memorable experiences families have at Discovery Park.

Since Discovery Park is popular among children, the inspirational narratives are paired with fun, neon doodles that follow you throughout the site, while still intriguing even the most seasoned adult who comes across the site. Casual language such as “Explore What’s Up” are expressed in the CTAs, or calls to action to keep users in a fun, youthful state of mind. 



See it in action.