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Speak Creative is an award-winning agency with a focus on client partnerships.

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We're based out of Memphis & Nashville.

We may call Tennessee home, but we serve clients across the country. We know how to make long-distance relationships work - traveling for key meetings and leveraging video conferences for tactical conversations in between.

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Our Core Values

The Speak Team.

Meet our talented team of creatives, strategists, and technologists

  • Abigail Devins

    Abigail Devins

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Christ-Follower. Baseball watcher. Is there coffee here?

  • Adam Duncan

    Adam Duncan

    Business Development Strategist

    Died tragically rescuing his family from the wreckage of a destroyed sinking battleship.

  • Amy Dunbar

    Amy Dunbar

    Sr Business Development Strategist

    Child of God. Wife. Mom. Creative. Nature Lover.

  • Ashley Dang

    Ashley Dang

    Content Specialist

    Dog Mom. Human Mom. Wife. Coffee Lover.

  • Anthony Verdes

    Anthony Verdes

    Front End Developer

    Internet code by day, game enthusiast by night.

  • Ben Bailey

    Ben Bailey

    Sr Web Developer

    Christ, Family, Building things.

  • BJ Maxwell

    BJ Maxwell

    Director of Accounting

    The old guy. Church league basketball legend.

  • Carson Ford

    Carson Ford


    Christ-follower. Husband. Creative. Legos.

  • Christy Leake

    Christy Leake

    Director of Operations and HR

    I take care of people and plan things.

  • Cody Gross

    Cody Gross

    Sr Content & Social Media Specialist

    Social. Stats. Sports. Smoky Mountains.

  • Corinne Mizzell

    Corinne Mizzell


    Bulldog pups, Taylor Swift & Alabama National Championship rings, these are a few of my favorite things

  • David Caffey

    David Caffey

    Sr SEO & Conversion Specialist

    Reigning Internet Champion of the World

  • Devon Haines

    Devon Haines

    Project Manager

    Dad. Husband. Vinyl enthusiast.

  • Dylan Olson

    Dylan Olson

    Jr. Web Developer

    I love good coffee and good photos

  • Isabelle Dillard

    Isabelle Dillard

    Project Manager + RocketFuel CMS Support

    Aspiring Cartwheeler. Amateur Tarot Reader. Highly Esteemed Soft Pretzel Reviewer of the Greater Midsouth Area.

  • Jacob Savage

    Jacob Savage


  • John Waddell

    John Waddell

    Sr Web Designer

    Long since suspected of being a robot, with a built-in feature for creative capabilities.

  • Jordan Dudek

    Jordan Dudek

    Director of Photography / Cinematography

  • Josh Cooper

    Josh Cooper

    Creative Director


  • Kate Staggs

    Kate Staggs

    Business Development Coordinator

    Wife. Rescue Dog Mom. Car Karaoke Champ. Diet Coke Addict.

  • Katie Mars

    Katie Mars

    Sr Social Media Strategist

    Lead Singer of Train

  • Kevin Reed

    Kevin Reed

    Sr Web Developer

    Full stack husband, dad, and developer.

  • Kindra Svendsen

    Kindra Svendsen

    Director of Digital Marketing Services

    Family + Music + Social + Nashville

  • Lucy Hutcheson

    Lucy Hutcheson

    Sr Web Designer

    Love Jesus, Family, Designs, Babywearing

  • Mark Palomino

    Mark Palomino

    Web Designer

    Coffee, design, and video games.

  • Matt Ervin

    Matt Ervin

    Director of Technology Services

    Husband+Dad^2. Believer-Boater-Cooker

  • Matt Grayson

    Matt Grayson

    Sr Web and Mobile Architect

    "I should be extremely happy in your company."

  • Matt Roberts

    Matt Roberts

    Director of Business Development

    Solution finder. Husband, dad, believer.

  • Meagan Walley

    Meagan Walley

    Director of Project Management

    Dogs, whiskey, mountains and sass.

  • Megan Jones

    Megan Jones

    Digital Marketing Strategist


  • Mica Johnson

    Mica Johnson

    Digital Marketing Intern

    Christ-Follower. Coffee. Creative.

  • Michael Moran

    Michael Moran

    Director of Agency Marketing

    Husband. Father. Star Gazer.

  • Sabian Samaniego

    Sabian Samaniego

    Jr Web Designer

  • Sarah Gannon

    Sarah Gannon

    Project Manager

    Hiking fanatic, dog lover, and most likely barefoot

  • Sarah Vaughn

    Sarah Vaughan

    Content & Social Media Strategist

    Beagle Mom. Tea Addict. INFJ.

  • Steven Smith

    Stephen Smith

    Jr Web Designer

    Tea. French. Libraries. Cooking.

  • Steven Palomino

    Steven Palomino

    Mobile Developer

    Jesus, Family, Music, and Bikes.

  • Umari Osgood

    Umari Osgood

    SEO & PPC Specialist

    "If you love it enough, anything will talk with you."

  • Wes Hunter

    Wes Hunter

    Support Specialist

    Believer. Husband. Dreamer.

  • Whitney Hochstein

    Whitney Hochstein

    Sr Web Designer

    Mom. Wife. Runner.

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