Christ Church launches its redesigned site!

Christ Church launches its redesigned site!

One of Memphis' most recognizable churches, Christ Church United Methodist, launched its newly redesigned site last week. Christ Church has worked with SPEAK! for several years now, and its latest website redesign is representative of the level of collaboration that exists between SPEAK! and each of our clients. Christ Church wanted a website that was cleanly presented but that also presented information to all of its audiences on the home page. These seemingly disparate ideas were melded into a fantastic new website design that is rich in information without being overwhelming in the least.

The Flash presentation on the home page clearly ties in Christ Church's model for spiritual growth, the dropdown navigation presented on the site is a new take on a very familiar site function and the Christ College shell creates a distinct look for this key ministry of Christ Church. All-in-all, the new website takes advantage of the latest in website design and the latest in functionality from our ever expanding CMS, SiteWrench 4.0.

UPDATE: It looks like others are digging the new design for Christ Church - Church Beauty just listed the site!

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