What's cooking with SiteWrench

What's cooking with SiteWrench

If you've logged into SiteWrench this week, you may have noticed some drastic improvements, and we thought we'd spend a few minutes explaining some of the highlights!

Updated editor:

Of course, the first couple of things you'll notice is that the editor no longer loads in a pop-up window (yay!) and has a new look, but there are some other great features that are worth pointing out. As always, if you have questions about these new features or our services, don't hesitate to contact us!
  • Full screen editing - this tool will allow you to expand the editor to full screen mode, giving you a great way to focus solely on your content!

  • Tag inspector added - this new inspector is a quick and easy way to remove unintentional formatting to your content!

  • Insert Raw HTML - this nifty little tool is a great way to insert YouTube, Vimeo or any of your other favorite media on your site without having to go into the full HTML view! Simply place the cursor where you'd like to insert the HTML, insert the HTML and you're finished!

  • W3C XHTML Validation - the World Wide Web Consortium creates the agreed upon standards that most web browsers use to interpret code. If your W3C Validation checks out, all "standards based" browsers will interpret your website's content the same! The SiteWrench editor is built to write W3C compliant code, but this will also let you make sure that any of your own HTML or inserted HTML checks out as well!

Photo Albums:

With the latest SiteWrench release, you can now choose the display options of your Photo Albums. Thumbnail List will display your all of your photos in a grid-view and Cover Popup will create a cover image for your photo album and let you scroll through the photos in the album once clicked. Also, you'll notice that you can create Photo Albums by integrating Flickr! How cool is that?!


There are many other changes that have gone into the latest release of SiteWrench. To get the full details, check out the official release notes (these are always available on our Support website). Some other items you might be interested in:
  • Store - Digital Download Products (Beta) - Sell digital resources online!
  • Store - Quantity Based Prices (Beta) - Give price discounts based on quantity orders!
  • People - Great user and member controls with improved data views!
  • Pages - Easier drag-and-drop management!
  • Support - New, quicker ticketing system makes getting help even easier!
  • Lots more! Check out the release notes!

On the Horizon:

If you've been using SiteWrench for more than a few weeks, you know that we release updates to SiteWrench on a regular basis, so keep your eyes peeled for more new features rolling out soon! We've got some great ones in store....
Posted by Matt Roberts at 3:54 PM