Beeson Divinity School

Beeson Divinity School

Last week, Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, AL, took its newly designed website live. The new site is a place for the many different audiences of Beeson to come to get the information they are looking for quickly. As a visitor navigates through the website, it becomes clear very quickly that this is not simply an online brochure. The site has several hundred pages of information that have been developed with the Beeson audiences in mind. With so much information, it became very important that SPEAK! and Beeson develop an intuitive, dynamic navigational structure. 

As a result, the main navigation and utility links on the home page provide incredibly quick access to all of the major entry points for the different website audiences. This is accomplished while maintaining a clean, elegant home page design that gives way to a robust, flexible design as the visitor moves from one sub page to the next.

Beeson's new website was built into SiteWrench, giving the school control over all of its content while also providing dynamic tools like the calendar widget (located on all sub pages beneath the sub navigation), chapel service archives, photo galleries and more. Overall, the new Beeson website has been a huge step forward in design and functionality for the school, and we're excited to see the new website live!
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