New website launched: RSVP Magazine

New website launched: RSVP Magazine

Memphis' oldest and most well-known society magazine has a brand new website! RSVP Magazine came to Speak with a long list of requirements for the new creation. At the top of that list were two key requests: help us generate revenue through online ad placement and help us display the photos that are a trademark of RSVP. Of course, make us look awesome was on the list as well!

Through the design process, we worked with RSVP to create attractive ad placements that don't distract from the overall design aesthetic. RSVP can now generate revenue through Google's AdSense program while also selling individual placements  and sponsorships to local advertisers. Photos are a huge part of what makes RSVP as popular as it is, and they needed a unique way to display these photos online. By creating an easily updated photo media player (see screenshot below) on each of the Party pages, we've given RSVP the ability to show off its amazingly talented photographers (and their subjects!). We even built a mobile website design that will allow the RSVP audience to enjoy its website on the go!

Speak has created a dynamic, revenue-generating online presence for one of Memphis' best recognized publications through a fantastic combination of design and functionality. We're excited about the launch of the RSVP Magazine website and wish them a happy 15th birthday!

RSVP Magazine

Posted by Matt Roberts at 11:10 AM