10 Years for Mer!

10 Years for Mer!

It's not every day you can come into work and say, "I've been working at Speak for 10 years now!" but Meredith walked in today able to say just that. Mer was Jacob's first hire after starting Speak, so we got to spend a little bit of time this afternoon celebrating Mer's 10th Speakiversary. The highlights: a piñata that may or may not have been ripped open by Adam, desserts made by Christy (cookbook coming soon), a year 2000 iTunes playlist, noisemakers, stories about how Mer almost wrecked the company (but didn't!) and general merriment had by all. It's not every day we get to thank someone for being on the team at Speak for 10 years - thanks Mer, you rock! Apologies for the terrible photos, phone cameras are only so good...

Party hats and noisemakers!

Mer stoked about having her picture taken

Strawberry Margarita cake courtesy of Christy complete with Speak logo

Mer taking a whack at the piñata

Our awesome playlist from the year Mer started working at Speak (2000)

Posted by Matt Roberts at 3:10 PM