How a Redesign can Revolutionize Your Site

How a Redesign can Revolutionize Your Site

Ready to Explore a Redesign?

Here are 5 big ways your web presence can be revamped:

(Disclaimer: These are by no means ALL of the amazing things SiteWrench can do nowadays, but they're pretty sweet.)

1. Greater functionality and features with SiteWrench

SiteWrench is consistently being updated with new features, updated functions, and improved performance. These are just a few options that are now standard for most of the sites that we work with. 

(click to enlarge photos)

Social media links in a prominent position on every page (or in the footer, like this shot from the Memphis Zoo website) will help you connect to your network on a daily basis. If your organization has an app, why not advertise it in the same section?

Link your Twitter and other feeds (widgets) with your home page so visitors can see what is being said and done, literally, up-to-the-minute! Other feeds could be blog entries, the day's events via Calendar, or news!

An interactive calendar with integrated event registration will involve your web visitors even further. List View makes your events easy to read and sort.

2. Adaptability to Mobile Devices

Mobile sites are characterized by simple, prioritized, convenient navigation, formatted for a small screen and integrated with your smart phone's features

3. Changes in Layout and Design

There are two main recent changes in layout and design that you'll notice:

The most obvious is the migration to centered, widescreen-formatted layouts. Remember when you'd watch a widescreen format movie, and you had black lines at the top and bottom to make it fit on your square TV? That's the same problem you see here. In recent years, designers have been taking advantage of the increased space widescreen monitors offer, as well as centering the content so that it looks correct, no matter what computer is displaying it.

(right: Riverside Baptist Church, 2005 - BEFORE)


The second big change, related to design, is the trend of very clean, uncluttered visuals, with fewer textures. You'll see more white space (which isn't always white - just empty), larger photography (see point #5), simpler color schemes, and uncomplicated fonts. Design is always changing, of course, but this design trend is likely to stick around awhile - simply because it looks great on mobile devices, and they're the fastest growing web visitors!

(right: Riverside Baptist Church (in production), 2011 - AFTER)

4. Media Archiving and Better (Easier!) Media Performance

Playing media from your desktop site, mobile site or app gets easier and easier with media archives - visitors will be able to search and play media directly from the site. The archiving allows you to upload an entire series of videos, and keep them available long-term! (Sitewrench users that have been on the system for a while should talk to their account rep about media migration, if they haven't already - it can really simplify things and speed up performance!)

All of this makes it easier for you to upload, as well as easier for users to view.

Your View (Internal):

Website View (External):


5. Treatment of Images

Image display and treatment have made obvious changes in the past few years - particularly now that Flash is on its way out. Previously, images were powered by Flash and had to continually reload to display. This meant that they needed to be small enough to load quickly. Now, with Banner Rotator and other options, you can display as many photos as you want, let them rotate as a gallery, and even use screen-size photography as a background!

Here are some recent photo-centric designs:

Want to see some before-and-after photos? Click on these blue words.

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