New website launched: FedEx St. Jude Classic

New website launched: FedEx St. Jude Classic

If you follow our Twitter account (@speakcreative) - there's really no reason why you shouldn't - you know that we celebrated our first ever monthly "Breakfast Launcheon" last week. It's a monthly celebration here at Speak HQ in honor of all of the websites that launched that month. We have Andie Ray, the newest member of the Speak team, to thank for the wonderfully witty name. Anyway.. we tweeted the website launches that we were celebrating, and it made me realize that I'm woefully behind on the blog!

One of the websites we announced was the completely redesigned FedEx St. Jude Classic tournament site. Of course, everyone who works, lives or plays in Memphis knows about the tournament, and we were pumped when they approached us early this year to begin planning their website overhaul. For the past few years, SJC has had a presenting partner, but FedEx came on board this year as a title sponsor for the tournament. With a new sponsor and lots of ideas, we were excited to get to work.

Of course, it was a requirement of the redesign to work within the FedEx brand standards, so we worked closely with their brand team to make sure that the website would serve all of the needs of SJC while also enhancing the overall presentation of the FedEx brand within the website. This year, the website features a panoramic photo display that looks great on high-resolution, widescreen monitors (and lower res displays!). We also created a countdown timer, so you can know exactly how long until the first tee off (who doesn't love a countdown?). In addition to these elements, we played up SJC's social media presence on Twitter with a feed implementation and custom Twitter background and created several different content blocks within the website home page that will change as the tournament tees off. For example, for the next month or so, the 2010 Tournament Photos will remain in place. As the tournament draws closer, this area will change to feature golfers that have committed to playing in the tournament. Finally, during the event itself, this area will turn into a virtual leaderboard!

Another area that we are developing even more fully than last year is the mobile website. Last year, we had to play it safe with a mobile website design because the PGA actually outlawed cell phone use from spectators. This meant that we couldn't go full-bore into designing a mobile implementation that actually catered to spectators on the course. This year, however, the PGA has rescinded its rule on cell phone use, so we've put together a mobile implementation that will be an incredibly valuable asset to those attending and planning to attend the tournament this year.

We've got even more that we're working on with SJC right now, but we'll have to keep it under wraps til later. In the meantime, by all means, take a look at the new site and don't be afraid to let us know what you think!

FedEx St. Jude Classic

Posted by Matt Roberts at 8:05 AM