New website launched: CUMC Memphis

New website launched: CUMC Memphis

Over the weekend, Christ United Methodist Church launched their newly redesigned website. CUMC has been a client for several years now, and with their latest redesign, we have created a clean, dynamic presence that allows website visitors to quickly get to what they are looking for. The main navigation presents an organized, intuitive structure for moving through the website, while the different feature areas on the home page allow visitors to jump directly into highly trafficked areas of the site. Frequent visitors who know exactly where they want to go will find the Site Directory extremely useful. Beyond navigation, the new website's aesthetics feels open and connected to the overall CUMC brand.

Two separate ministry areas of CUMC also received design facelifts. Christ College, a discipleship program of CUMC, has a look and feel all its own. The structure remains true to the overall CUMC website, but the custom skin applied brings in the Christ College branding while also bringing attention to areas of emphasis that are unique to Christ College. Likewise, the CUMC Student Ministry received a dramatic redesign that gives added control and flexibility through our SiteWrench content management system.

Another area that received some love is the Media section of the CUMC website. We'll be putting together a separate write-up on this completely new feature of the SiteWrench CMS next week, but feel free to take a look around before then!

Overall, the new CUMC website is proving to be a huge success. The update to the overall design aesthetic brings it in line with current design trends and expectations, while the new emphasis on navigation is already being well received. Of course, the flexibility of design and dynamic nature of the tools CUMC possesses are all thanks to the SiteWrench content management system. We've said our piece, now go have a look for yourself.

Christ United Methodist Church home page screenshot - design by Speak

Christ College home page screenshot - design by Speak

Christ United Methodist Church Student Ministry home page screenshot - design by Speak
Posted by Matt Roberts at 7:32 AM