New website launched: Westminster Academy

New website launched: Westminster Academy

Westminster Academy first approached Speak about designing its website in 2006. Out of those conversations, the original Westminster Academy website was born. We're sure you've noticed, but quite a few things related to web have changed since then. Thus, Speak began work on the new Westminster Academy website earlier this year.

The new website continues to highlight and promote a very Classical feel but in a more updated, engaging execution. The website is designed to read easily (the client relies on a large volume of copy) and promote its unique position in the marketplace of private education in Memphis by creating sleek, non-intrusive video presentations. The new website is a giant step forward in terms of design and functionality, and we're excited to see it launched! Been a while since someone has spoken with you about your outdated website? Remember, you can always give us a shout. In the meantime, check out the Westminster website.

Westminster Academy

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