Hope Church

Hope Church

Hope Church has been a SPEAK! client for many years, so when it came time to redesign its website, we were pumped at the opportunity to once again work with this well-known Memphis church. 

Hope is always reaching out to the Memphis community with relevant events. Guests range from well-known authors to Christian musicians to dynamic speakers and everywhere in-between, so the new website design needed to afford Hope a great way to show off their upcoming events. SPEAK! designed and built a jQuery image rotation that ties to the event area on the home page. This area creates a "can't miss" visual element focused entirely around Hope's outreach strategy, and since it's built in jQuery rather than Flash, the website stays mobile-device friendly!

SPEAK! also created a "Visit Hope" area to contain information categorized specifically for those who would like to visit Hope Church for the first time. This area is similar to other church websites that employ a slide-down "Ministry Index." However, Hope and SPEAK! felt like the idea could be further developed to connect with a specific audience, so we pushed it further! With great results.


Social media is another area that many churches are paying close attention to (and rightly so!). Of course, we can integrate your Twitter® feed or Facebook® fan app on your website, but depending on your organization, those tools may not be the best fit for your web communication strategy! At SPEAK!, we help you think through your entire web strategy (including social media) and determine the best way to get your message across to your many different audiences.

With Hope, we decided that an obvious but more elegant approach (when compared to the feed and app integration mentioned above) would provide the best mesh-point between website design and social media integration. This way, a visitor to Hope's website sees not only how to find Hope on Twitter® and Facebook® but also how to receive eNewsletter and RSS updates and where to go to see Hope's videos on YouTube®.

Check out the Hope Church website design from SPEAK! Creative.

Posted by Matt Roberts at 9:25 AM