New Memphis in May Site Launched!

New Memphis in May Site Launched!

If you live in the Southeast, or if you keep up with Food Network, odds are good that you've heard of Memphis in May. Memphis in May is best known for its incredible Beale Street Music Festival (millions of visitors flock to the site within hours of the participating bands being announced) and the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (pretty much the holy grail of barbecue). And well... that was the problem that Memphis in May presented to SPEAK!. You see, Memphis in May is a month long series of programs and events, and while the music and barbecue events are by far the most well attended, Memphis in May wants to bring attention to all of the activities that go on throughout the month. So SPEAK! was faced with a unique challenge: build an easy to navigate site that gives equal exposure to all of the different events/programs of Memphis in May while doing nothing to take away the importance of the music and barbecue events. A pretty tall order by any standards.The new website addresses all of the clients desires with an incredibly logical navigation structure that clearly communicates that Memphis in May is much more than just music and barbecue. The site itself gives Memphis in May the opportunity to express much more personality than its previous website, and we've given Memphis in May maximum editability of its site by building the large photo banners on each shell to be updatable by the client. We even increased Memphis in May's ability to bring in ad revenue by building in more available ad space than its previous website.At SPEAK!, we're incredibly excited to see the launch of this new website. Memphis in May is a cornerstone of what makes Memphis great, and we're very proud to be playing such an important role in its continued success.
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