Great American Home Store Site Launched

Great American Home Store Site Launched

SPEAK! Creative is happy to announce the launching of Great American Home Store's completely redesigned website. Great American Home Store approached SPEAK! a few months ago with a unique challenge - they have an inventory system of over 6,000 products that they wanted to be integrated into its new website. Of course, they wanted an incredible looking website to boot.

SPEAK! rose up to the challenge. The design of the site came together over the course of our design process, and once we put the finishing touches on the website design, we built SiteWrench into the back-end for content management. We leveraged SiteWrench's "catalog only" mode of its Store application to build a foundation for displaying all of Great American Home Store's products. Our developers then set to create a custom application that would interface with Great American Home Store's inventory system. The site is updated with new product automatically every day with this custom application. Within hours of launch, Great American Home Store was already receiving inquiries through its new online storefront!

Of course, the products area is not the only feature of the site. Great American Home Store can easily feature its television commercials from the home page, update content on the fly with SiteWrench and offer eNewsletter subscriptions for consumers to find out about the latest specials. SPEAK! is also working with Great American Home Store on search engine optimization strategies to make insure as much online visibility as possible.

Want to see the site for yourself? Click here.
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