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Customer Information Portals

Customers, clients and patients should be able to access their purchases, records and other brand interaction information at any time, anywhere.

Highly personalized and interactive

The average web user is only on your website for a few minutes. What they experience those few minutes matters. If they land on an unattractive page that lacks beautiful, functional web design, chances are they'll bounce back to their previous page. If they've decided your page is worthy of their time, they'll dive in further. What will they find once they get there?

Creating a customer information portal for your website allows you to give your users a customized experience. Maybe that means they select preferences on which news categories they want to see. Maybe they login with an email and are able to see previous order history and easily reorder their favorites. Customizing the user experience on your website through a customer information portal is vital to keeping attention on your site.

Highly skilled developers lead the charge

Our developers can help you map out the experience you want your web users to take. We'll discuss how a personalized view would affect their view of your site, and where the point of entry to the custom view should be. From there, we get to work. Coding, testing, browser checks, and UI/UX reviews are completed at each step to minimize any defects.

Not only do we trust our developers with your business, but ours too. When our developers aren't working on creating snippets of code that make things functional for you, they're the backbone behind our own content management system. We provide a custom CMS platform called Sitewrench for all of our website design clients, that's fully managed and supported. We wouldn't put your work in their hands, if we wouldn't do the same with ours.

Let's get personal

Want to throw around ideas of how your website can offer a more personalized experience for your customers, or have an idea that you need someone to take on? Our development team is ready for the test.

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