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Craig & Streight Ortho

Smile, Oklahoma!

Project Goals

The doctors at Craig & Streight Orthodontics were in the market for a website redesign to put a fresh spin on their digital front-door. This fun, multi-office orthodontic practice chose Speak to create a custom website for them. As the design process unfolded, Craig & Streight also looked to Speak to provide ongoing social media and SEO services to help drive awareness in Norman, Oklahoma City and Mustang, Oklahoma.

Smiles for a lifetime.

The fun, vibrant doctors and staff at Craig & Streight Orthodontics wanted a new website that would look great and reflect their style - not some cookie-cutter template that other practices could also purchase, and sterile, medical copy. After seeing some of our work with other orthodontists, Craig & Streight reached out to begin a website redesign with Speak. The end result makes us smile.

Design Notes

The overall feel of this website is fresh and vibrant. The large hero image and engaging text welcome patients to a site that reflects the personality of the doctors and staff.

Highlighting the multiple locations was important, and creating easy access for patients to access their local office needed to be easy. You’ll find this displayed prominently on the home page and the contact page, as well as in the footer of internal site pages.

Creating clear paths for each of the main website visitors was necessary. Simple identifiers like New Patients, Your First Visit and Appointment Scheduling help users quickly access what’s most important to them, and prevents high bounce rates on the site.

Content is Critical

Content is king when it comes to search rankings, but remembering the human audience as your primary audience is so important. Craig & Streight relied on the copywriting team at Speak to help craft just the right feel for their website content. Engaging, fun, friendly copy that wasn’t too sterile was the goal. Backed with our knowledge of what works for search engine optimization, the website content was written to drive organic search, while providing the answers that parents are looking for when considering braces.

Calls-to-action are interspersed throughout the site visually and with text links to help push new patient consultations. As we monitor their results each month, we’ll tweak and test these CTAs to increase conversions.

For Craig & Streight Orthodontics a custom website paired with ongoing digital marketing was the right strategy for them. Check back as we monitor their results each month.

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