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Content Strategy

From top level menus to blocks of info on your home page, content strategy drives users through your website.

Tell your story.

Although appearance is a major factor when creating a new website, your content strategy is just as important. Research on your current site will show which pages users find useful and how they are navigating through the site. Important information like hours of operation, product or service descriptions are likely valuable to your audience and should be easy to find on your site.

In addition to your content strategy, content layout and readability also increase the time that users spend on your site and on each page they view. All of these elements ultimately work together to create more conversions for your business.

Choose words that matter.

One crucial component in building and maintaining a content strategy is keyword research. For instance, which words are your customers searching for, and where do you rank in those search results? Which keywords are you not currently ranking for, but want to be? Your content strategy should include this information, which will guide your sitemap and website architecture to meet your SEO goals.

Not sure where to begin or which tools to use to get access to all this data? No problem, our digital marketing team here at Speak can provide you with the guidance you need. These are a few of the tools we employ when we work on your site's content strategy:

Google Analytics review

Google analytics provides us with a glimpse into which pages are most visited, how long someone stays on a page, which pages produce conversions, bounce rates and so much more. With an abundance of statistics, it can be somewhat overwhelming if you aren't sure what to look for and what the industry standards are. Our team will review and benchmark your site's current stats, and then propose a plan for how to improve certain areas.

Social media engagement

Fans on your Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages are important, but how engaged are those fans with the content that you publish? Are you gaining brand ambassadors who are willing to share your content with their social circles? We see many businesses who fail to connect with fans on social networking sites, or worse, who have built a page but have neglected to stock it with regular posts of content, pictures or contests.

Keyword research and benchmarking

The goal for all website designers and marketers is to reach the top of organic search rankings for keywords that matter to them and their customers. We'll take a look at keywords that matter to you, how much traffic those keywords receive and where you currently rank. This data helps shape content strategy so you can increase your rank or get ranked for important keywords.

Together, we'll help you digest what the data suggests and form a content strategy for your website project.

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