Content and Social Media Specialist

Content and Social Media Specialist

We are always looking for great talent. If that's you, take a look at this job description and send us your resume. We'll reach out as we have open positions.

At Speak Creative, the role of Content and Social Media Specialist is a position that wears many different hats. A great candidate will have proven public relations and marketing experience.

This position will assist client projects within the digital marketing department as well as internal marketing initiatives/projects. Combining the powers of great copywriting, social trends, and SEO knowledge gives this position a unique edge to learn all the skills necessary for digital marketing expertise

In this position, we're looking for someone with:
  • Attention to detail, is highly organized, and able to meet or exceed deadlines
  • Enjoys working on and with a team to collaborate on major ideas as well as independently
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and interact with clients as necessary
  • Basic knowledge of search engine optimization and keywords
  • Must be a strong writer with ability to research a variety of topics and industries
  • Knowledge of both digital and traditional marketing initiatives to include social media, print, PR, and advertising
  • Marketing/PR degree or proven experience in marketing and content/social management 

The Content and Social Media Specialist will be responsible for a variety of work including regular social media strategy, insights, publishing calendars, as well as responsible for publishing content on a regular basis. Additionally, this position can expect a regular cadence of blog writing ad hoc content writing requests, on-page content, SEO copy, and more.

Things we're looking for:

  • A passion for digital marketing that is conveyed through your ability to create movement for our clients online
  • A personality that fits with our team; we are interested in someone who is intelligent, works hard, values teammates, and makes our team better.
  • A positive attitude and a can-do spirit; when challenges present, they think towards solutions
  • Someone who understands our core services as a digital agency and has a marketing mindset to help our clients create movement for their digital presence.
  • A personality that is self-motivated; you'll be asked to work through multiple priorities. We expect you to be able to put together a plan and execute it.
  • Someone who seeks out information and is teachable. The nature of our business lends itself to frequent changes in and progressions of technology. This means we're looking for someone who loves to learn.

We don't expect you to match every criteria, but you should have solid experience and a firm technical background. You should also be self-driven to dive deeper into the technologies and solutions that you'll be working with, while also making recommendations for how we can grow.

At Speak, we work with a wide variety of clients, and at any given day this position will be expected to serve as an extension of the client's business. These industries include, but aren't limited to:

  • colleges and universities
  • nonprofits
  • professional and home services
  • dentistry/orthodontics
  • aquariums and attractions
  • real estate
  • healthcare physicians
  • churches
  • and more!

More about us...

  • We are (and have been) profitable.
  • We are (and have been) debt-free.
  • We have a single owner and don't have to worry about partners who split.
  • Our business is spread out across hundreds of customers instead of a few big fish.
  • To date, we've never let anyone go for financial reasons.
  • We're a team with a focus on doing outstanding work for our clients AND maintaining our sanity.
  • We work hard during business hours (Mon-Thurs 7a-5p and Fridays 7a-11a…yes every Friday is a half-day) and go home when work is done. 
  • Rarely, if ever, do we find ourselves staying late or working weekends. Funny what you can get done when you work hard.
  • High-performing employees enjoy a high degree of flexibility.
  • We expect everyone on our team to be part of shaping our future. If there's an issue, we tackle it together. If there's an idea, we develop it together.
  • We meet regularly for fun and creative team building.
  • Half-day Fridays
  • No late/weekend hours
  • Relocation assistance
  • All-Mac office
  • Regular Office Events
  • Annual Retreat with whole team on location
  • Vacation/Sick Leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • 401k
  • New Perks added often

Our owner is a believer in Jesus Christ and submits to Biblical authority in leading the company. For us, that means that we can expect a leadership perspective that is grounded in humility and puts people before profits. Does that mean we all have the same beliefs? Absolutely not, but mutual respect and grace are core values that drive each of us.

Real Talk

This is a unique position in our company and we are looking for a unique person to fill it. If you're a proven pro who is tired of...

  • Having to say "Sorry buddy, I can't make it to your game today because I have a work deadline."
  • Feeling like bot producing code
  • Wondering if your work actually has a real effect on the company
  • Constant pressure to work harder and harder, it's never enough
  • Just get it done type demands from leadership
  • Feeling like a cog in a machine where you have no real say in company direction
  • Being a means to an end, rather than a valued team member

...and you value:

  • Helping others succeed just as much as personal success
  • Working collaboratively to figure out what will make the biggest impact for your team and our clients
  • Your own personal work ethic and strive to always give more than you get
  • A job well done're potentially a really great fit here. From the top dog down, leadership at this company is committed to making it a great place for people to work while producing great results for our clients. If that sounds motivating and exciting, we want to talk to you.

What do you think? Sound like a fit? Next steps:

All candidates should complete our online application. Show us your work and explain why you're a good candidate.

We'll evaluate all applicants and follow up via email as needed to ask questions or to line up interviews.

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