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Campbell Clinic.  A century of world-class care.

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Campbell Clinic has been operating out of the Memphis area for more than a century, providing world-class orthopaedic care. Recognized as a national leader in many areas such as sports medicine, joint replacement, oncology, trauma, urgent care, and surgery, they care for patients throughout their life. Their team of specialists offers care at five outpatient clinics and two surgery centers, as well as hospitals throughout the region. Campbell Clinic came to Speak looking for a digital partner to help them raise brand awareness and elevate their presence in the Memphis community.

Our Partnership

The Speak team began our digital marketing partnership with Campbell Clinic in 2018, managing their custom content, Google My Business, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The focus areas for the partnership were to target users through digital efforts to:

1. Generate more traffic to the website

2. Be a resource for the Memphis community and beyond

3. Increase the number of visits and appointments


Campbell Clinic saw some incredible results in 2021. Let’s take a closer look.

  • 46% more impressions from google
  • 31% of all website sessions resulted in a goal completion
  • 57% more website sessions
  • 63% more site users
  • #1 Result for "sprained or strained ankle" on Google


When a site ranks in the first 3 results from a Google search, it appears as the answer to a question that you ask the voice assistant, such as Siri. Since Campbell Clinic is a medical practice, it's important for their site to rank for healthcare-related searches and inquiries on Google. In 2021 alone, we added 43 new searches where Campbell Clinic ranks in the top 3, totaling to 427 occurrences where Campbell Clinic's website is listed in the top 3 Google results.



Competitor Analysis

Campbell Clinic has seen more success than other providers, as shown by the competitive positioning map from our research software. Their organic traffic, placement in Top 3 Google results, and keywords all out perform their competition.  While we've removed competitor names, the results are clear - Campbell Clinic received 3x the amount of organic traffic and rank for 3x the amount of Top 3 Google results.