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Brand Strategist

The Client Advocate and Partner

At Speak Creative, Brand Strategists are the face of Speak to our clients. Although customers will interact with other members of their project team, as the Brand Strategist you are their advocate and partner throughout their project and life of their account at Speak. To the client you represent Speak, our team members, and our services. To our team, you represent the client’s needs, ideas, and goals for their project. The Brand Strategist sees the big picture for the client. A successful Brand Strategist will become an invaluable partner for a client organization.


A Brand Strategist serves the client by providing a great client experience. What does this mean? It means representing the expert opinion of the team at Speak and helping clients with marketing solutions that have a positive impact on the client’s organization or business. A Brand Strategist should be well versed in all of the services we offer at Speak. While not responsible for directly selling those services, your knowledge of marketing solutions and problem-solving should allow you to see a client's needs and know how our services can meet their needs at any point in the client relationship. A great Brand Strategist will know their clients like you know your best friend- what makes them tick, what they look for, and how they measure success in the partnership.

Customer Service and Hospitality

As a Brand Strategist, you will have many opportunities to host the client in meetings in the Speak offices, at their office, or in virtual meetings through video or over the phone. Each of these meetings shapes and molds not only how the client interacts with you, but also shapes their perception of Speak as an organization. Every meeting should be handled with hospitality and professionalism. Being punctual and prepared is critical in leading a great meeting. Brand Strategists have the ability to shape the relationship the client has with Speak. We want our clients to be over the moon thrilled with us. Even in difficult projects or in dealing with difficult personalities, grace and hospitality can win over a client.

Great Communicator

The Brand Strategist must communicate well to our clients and our team through writing emails, messages, and notes in our project management system. Good communication skills are also needed in working with our team and clients over the phone and through video meetings. This includes being prompt with responses to emails and phone calls, being available and accessible, and being clear in your communication. Additionally, clear, concise, and professional writing skills are necessary as is the ability to critically interpret data as it comes in from the client. The Brand Strategist should be able to interpret wants, desires, and needs from the client into actions for the production team at every stage.

Organization and Planning

Time management and initiative are critical skills for any Brand Strategist. With multiple clients at any point in our processes, your clients will demand your time in many ways throughout the day. Having strong time management and critical thinking skills is very important to a Brand Strategist’s role. You will be responsible for keeping in contact with your clients on a regular basis not just when a project task demands an interaction or an email from the client prompts a conversation. We want our Brand Strategist to lead the way in communicating often and keeping our clients engaged in their projects and in our services.

Team Player

Brand Strategists have to be good team players. You’ll work and participate in a team environment in both internal teams at Speak and with client teams. This means being able to share the load but also not controlling every detail. Knowing how to handle emotions when the pressure is on will carry you a long way.

Cheerleader, Coach, and Student

The Brand Strategist, like a cheerleader, should recognize the positive and small wins and help the client and the team celebrate those. This helps create momentum to crossing the next big hurdles. Like a good coach, the Brand Strategist helps clients and teams create strategies to achieve goals and stay focused on the larger goals.

Overall, the Brand Strategist must be willing students ready to stay up to date on industry trends in website and digital marketing trends and technologies for marketing solutions. Often times producers will share new or deeper training with the Brand Strategist, and it is up to them to apply it effectively to clients. The Brand Strategist should also be good students of their clients, learning about their business industry, their business model, and their communication styles.


Daily communication with clients and the team is critical. The Brand Strategist will regularly facilitate conversations between clients and the production team and is responsible for processing communication clearly at each step.

The Brand Strategist with the assistance of the Business Development Team will help clients engage our services through new opportunities and proposals. While Brand Strategists are not responsible for fully pitching, writing proposals, or winning the sale, they are integral in connecting our Business Development Team to the client's needs and ensuring that a strong relationship is at the forefront of that conversation.

Time Management

Brand Strategist should be diligent in logging their time on projects and with clients that do not have an open project. Time logs are useful in analyzing our productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Time logs also help us be aware of a Brand Strategist’s workload and capacity.

Relationship Building

Brand Strategists work daily to build better client relationships. This happens with clients who have open projects on our schedule and with clients who do not.

Education and Training

We expect every Speak team member to be growing in skills and knowledge in industry trends to strengthen what we can offer our clients. Your team lead and director will help you create a plan for career development and set goals.

Quality and Experience Checks

Along with the Operations team, Brand Strategists will do regular check-ins with the client in regard to their overall experience with Speak and the quality of the work and services they are receiving.

Post-Launch of Project

In conjunction with the Project Team, Finance Team, and Operations, we will do regular internal reviews of projects after they have launched. In this review, we will look for ways to improve our performance, delivery, efficiency, and profitability. As a Brand Strategist, you will represent the interests of the client in this review. The Post-Launch review checks for quality of the project, scope adherence, met expectations, stayed within budget, and team performance.

The Brand Strategist will also help celebrate the launch and success of the project with the client and help transition the client into a maintenance mode supported by our Ticketing System within SiteWrench as well as explain the report system post-launch. 

Client Success and Retention

As a Brand Strategist you will be responsible for measuring and reporting client success and retention. You will also work with other teams to resolve any issues causing negative experiences and loss.

More about us...

  • We are (and have been) profitable.
  • We are (and have been) debt-free.
  • We have a single owner and don't have to worry about partners who split.
  • Our business is spread out across hundreds of customers instead of a few big fish.
  • To date, we've never let anyone go for financial reasons.
  • We're a team with a focus on doing outstanding work for our clients AND maintaining our sanity.
  • We work hard during business hours (Mon-Thurs 7a-5p and Fridays 7a-11a…yes every Friday is a half-day) and go home when work is done. 
  • Rarely, if ever, do we find ourselves staying late or working weekends. Funny what you can get done when you work hard.
  • High-performing employees enjoy a high degree of flexibility.
  • We expect everyone on our team to be part of shaping our future. If there's an issue, we tackle it together. If there's an idea, we develop it together.
  • We meet regularly for fun and creative team building.
  • Half-day Fridays
  • No late/weekend hours
  • Relocation assistance
  • All-Mac office
  • Regular Office Events
  • Annual Retreat with whole team on location
  • Vacation/Sick Leave
  • Health Insurance
  • Short Term Disability
  • Long Term Disability
  • 401k
  • New Perks added often

Our owner is a believer in Jesus Christ and submits to Biblical authority in leading the company. For us, that means that we can expect a leadership perspective that is grounded in humility and puts people before profits. Does that mean we all have the same beliefs? Absolutely not, but mutual respect and grace are core values that drive each of us.

Real Talk

This is a unique position in our company and we are looking for a unique person to fill it. If you're a proven pro who is tired of...

  • Having to say "Sorry buddy, I can't make it to your game today because I have a work deadline."
  • Feeling like bot producing code
  • Wondering if your work actually has a real effect on the company
  • Constant pressure to work harder and harder, it's never enough
  • Just get it done type demands from leadership
  • Feeling like a cog in a machine where you have no real say in company direction
  • Being a means to an end, rather than a valued team member

...and you value:

  • Helping others succeed just as much as personal success
  • Working collaboratively to figure out what will make the biggest impact for your team and our clients
  • Your own personal work ethic and strive to always give more than you get
  • A job well done're potentially a really great fit here. From the top dog down, leadership at this company is committed to making it a great place for people to work while producing great results for our clients. If that sounds motivating and exciting, we want to talk to you.

What do you think? Sound like a fit? Next steps:

All candidates should complete our online application. Show us your work and explain why you're a good candidate.

We'll evaluate all applicants and follow up via email as needed to ask questions or to line up interviews.

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