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A Place Where Youth Succeed

Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee started in 1903 in downtown Nashville. Since then they have expanded across Middle Tennessee and impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth, operating out of 11 physical clubs across Middle Tennessee and a virtual club for youth to access their programming from anywhere. Their mission is to "enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. We were honored to create a website that helps further that mission.

The Right Information

The custom site features the students and families that they serve, highlights ways to get involved, and displays events around the city. Since the site needed to serve as the home base for a plethora of information, the goal was to get the information in the right hands. Whether you're a volunteer, student, or anything in between, the clickable call to action will take you to the right information. 



Subtle animations make the site come alive, mimicking that of a science or art book. Animating photos, colors, and other site elements make the site feel interactive, resulting in a more engaged visitor. Additionally, by animating the stats we were able to help users visualize the impact they make. 



Custom illustrations act as a site unifier and continue the youthful theme throughout. Similar to doodles in a notebook, these icons set the precedent for the imagery throughout, with each header looking like a page ripped out of a notebook. Overall, the illustrations give the site an approachable and positive feel.


Many Homes, One Central Site

Since Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee serves many different communities, they wanted each Clubhouse to have their own page to gather location information, transportation, events, and a gallery of photos specific to their community. This makes it easier for each community to feel at home on the central site. 


The Full Experience