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SEO Spotlight: Commissary BBQ

As a digital agency we handle a variety of projects, from mobile apps to functional, beautiful websites . We also have a team designated to work on search engine optimization once these projects are completed. Our Digital Marketing team works through a variety of strategies and practices for a client to improve how people are finding their website. These strategies include the basics of SEO such as keywords, page titles and meta descriptions, as well as more proprietary methods that have... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Beacon Integration for Your Mobile App

You’ve probably been in marketing meetings recently where the discussion turns to what can be done to improve on-site experience for your visitors and how to engage with them better. You might already have a mobile app , so you check that off the list. So, what’s next? The next logical step may be to integrate beacon technology into your app. But what exactly could these “beacon-things” do for your attraction and how could they help? First, we need to understand what beacons are and how... Read More
Posted by CJ Jordan at Thursday, October 16, 2014

8 Web Design and Content Writing Tools We Can't Live Without

With a bunch of techies around the office, we're constantly sharing great sites that help us with common daily tasks. (Did you know there's now an i Phone keyboard made entirely of gifs ?!) We are constantly finding new sites, so I've rounded up a few of the favorites that range from writing to social media tools to how people are using your website.   Buffer Buffer is a tool that helps you manage all of your social channels from one spot. Much like Hootsuite or... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Thursday, October 9, 2014

Site Launch: DSG Consulting

This week we launched a new website for DSG Consulting, a sales consulting firm that has implemented sales training, messaging & sales playbooks for a variety of clients, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. DSG has been a valuable partner to Speak throughout the years, and we are proud of this new, exciting web design . The design is responsive, so is viewable on any device or screen, including the much talked about  new iPhones . To see the redesign in it's entirety, visit the... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Is it Time for Your Business to Have an App?

In a recent study by ComScore , they reported that for the very first time, Americans are getting more than half of their digital media from app downloads, overtaking desktop and mobile browsers. This translates to one out of every three smartphone users downloading at least one app each month. In just the last year, app usage has jumped 52%. According to ComScore, "apps drive the vast majority of media consumption activity on mobile devices, accounting for approximately 7 out of every 8... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall 2014's State of Digital [Infographic]

It's hump day! We're half way though the workweek, and halfway though September. We know that summer is now officially over and before we know it, we'll start seeing holiday campaigns popping up for brands nationally and locally. Before the holiday season starts, it's a great time to perform a digital checkup to make sure your  website design , social and search engine optimization strategies are firmly in place. Are the initiatives you planned at the beginning of the year still... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Apple's New iPhones: How Your Mobile Site Should Adapt

All eyes have been on tech giant Apple this week, with the unveiling of the newest products in the Apple lineup. For months, speculation that a larger iPhone were on the way, with several concept models swirling internet forums. The rumors were laid to rest on the heels of the announcement, that two new iPhones will indeed have larger screen sizes than the phones have had in the past. To give you a comparison, we've included three screen sizes, one being the most current iPhone to market as... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Facebook Business Pages

Chances are as a marketer, the minute you wrap your head around the best practice on a specific social network, there are several other changes looming ahead. The science behind social media management has been in a constant state of fluidity, with new features being tested constantly and updated regularly. To stay on top of these changes (and help keep your brand in front of a captive audience) there are a few things that you must do. These guidelines will optimize your posts on... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Three New Designers Join Speak

A couple weeks ago, we introduced you to Amy Dunbar, the newest account manager to join the Speak team. As promised, we have more new employees that we are excited to introduce. Today we’ll get to know three new designers that have recently joined our digital agency . This triple-threat of talented artists bring a wide range of skills to our team, from beautiful web design to conversions and have been great additions to the Speak family. To get to know each of them a little better,... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Monday, August 25, 2014

Site Launch: Dixon Gallery & Gardens

This week we’re bringing you another recent web launch made by Speak. Long considered a top Memphis destination the Dixon Gallery & Gardens are a true staple in our community. When the Dixon decided that a new website was in order, they chose Speak based on the reputation for interactive sites. As longtime supporters of the Dixon, we’ve formed a great partnership with the staff and are extra proud of the work that was done by our designers , and digital marketing team . We encourage you... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, August 20, 2014