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5 Ways to Set Your Website Up for Success Before Launch

Making the decision to build a new website is a major marketing task that often requires budgeting and specific objectives. It requires time and equity from both your company as well as the design team assigned to the overhaul. In fact, YOU are a large part of the overall success of the website. Allocating efforts to maintain, manage and update are all key factors in the success of a beautifully designed website. As your design team is busy bringing your brand's vision to life , there... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Growth Hacking Your Social Media

TIPS FOR BUILDING YOUR SOCIAL AUDIENCE Whether you want to grow your Instagram or Twitter follower count, market your business using Facebook ads or want to know more about new and emerging platforms, we have a team that can help with all you need to know to make your business social. While we fully believe tapping into your core audience is the absolute best way to spread your marketing message, growing those fan bases can often seem impossible. The following growth... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, March 25, 2015

We've Added New Team Members to Our Digital Agency

We've been so busy over the last couple of months, designing some majorly beautiful websites , incredible apps  and creating strategies that have dramatically increased organic search traffic for our clients' websites . During that time, we've added some incredible new members of our team that have been imperative to our successes. To give them a chance to shine, we'd like to formally introduce these incredibly talented individuals, in their own words. Enjoy! Steven Palomino Why... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Social Media's Future: Where Are Your Favorite Networks Headed?

Love them or hate them, social media networks are the new way of communicating with friends and family. From the big players like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram down to the myriad of niche networks that saw a rise in 2014 like YikYak, Snapchat, What'sApp and Ello, users are communicating in new ways every day. Evolving the way your business is heard on these networks as they change is a necessary component in staying relevant and active in the minds of your customers. According to ... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Now is the Time to Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

For a few months now, we’ve been talking a whole lot about responsive web design and how we love creating mobile friendly websites for our clients. In November, our team wrote about responsive web design and why it matters for SEO, and in the following month we wrote about SEO tips we plan on using for 2015. One of the main tips we mentioned centered around mobile SEO strategies . More recently, we wrote about the growth of smartphone usage and how to take advantage of this... Read More
Posted by Michael Morgan at Thursday, March 5, 2015

Smartphones Usage Is Up 11%: How Advanced Mobile Apps and the IoT are Advancing Growth

If you are alive, breathing and reading this blog, it's likely that you own a smartphone. Each day new apps and programs are launched, changing the way we use them. With all of the new ways to interact, the cell phone isn't just for talking anymore. What was the last function you performed on your phone? Chances are, it wasn't a phone call but rather a text, an email, or an app. Smartphone usage across the US is continuing to soar. According to Statista, an estimated 182.6 million consumers... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Do You Need a Redesign? New Website Creates Movement for Wolf River Conservancy

With more than seven billion people using the Internet , keeping your website up-to-date and usable can help you accomplish your digital marketing goals. Speak has worked with numerous clients over the years, one of which is the Wolf River Conservancy, on multiple redesign projects, keeping pace with brand growth and evolving technology. Our relationship with The Wolf River Conservancy began four years ago in 2011, when the organization came to Speak to enhance their current web presence.... Read More
Posted by Amy Dunbar at Thursday, February 19, 2015

8 Tips for Better Domain Management

Imagine this: You have a medium sized business who has been around in your market for nearly 10 years. You have a good reputation for your products and services and have steady web traffic that is continually increasing. One day, your phone rings, and it’s a customer frantic that your site is down and he can’t order online like he has done in the past. Sure that it’s a temporary glitch with your host, you take a moment to login to your admin portal and that’s when you notice: it’s as if your... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Thursday, February 12, 2015

A 3-Step Crash Course to Better Website Conversions

We see clients everyday looking at ways to land more conversions from their website and increase their leads. In fact, your website design is one of the most powerful marketing messages you can have, and failing to correctly convert visitors can have a major impact on your business. Having a good web conversion strategy in place with the design of your website is integral to creating and converting sales leads. If you have powerful marketing messages that lead potential customers to your... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Friday, February 6, 2015

#SpeakWeek2015: A Time for Planning, Team Building and Fun

What if someone told you that they could show you a way to increase collaboration, improve communication, increase employee satisfaction and energize your team. It sounds too good to be true, right? For the fourth year in a row, we're putting it to the test. Each year, our team takes one week to turn in and work on all things Speak, and this is the week. The entire team from our digital agency is currently in our Memphis office participating in a variety of meetings, games,... Read More
Posted by Kindra Svendsen at Monday, January 26, 2015