Why a website should be excellent

Why a website should be excellent

So, the question is “Why do you need an excellent website?”

The answer is simple, at several points during the customer life cycle your customers will interact with your brand online. They will initiate the interaction and, just like talking with your employee on the phone, they will expect it to provide what they need. Their experience with your website is their experience with your brand. Failing to make the relatively small investment in your website puts you at a competitive disadvantage and harms your brand.

How does your website need to be excellent? There are three primary components to consider

  1. Aesthetics - Your site needs to make someone believe that you are competent, not home-grown or in love with the design styles from Windows 2000.
  2. User Interface - Your website should make finding information or performing a task easier than making a phone call to your office.
  3. Content - What your customers want to know and want to be able to do must be available on your website. If an online process doesn’t exist (yet) for their frequent tasks, provide instructions and information about it.

Give your website a quick review from the perspective of a loyal customer and a potential customer. Does it give you what you need? If not, get to work or give us a call and we can help you out.

Posted by Matt Ervin at 10:24 AM