What is a digital agency and how does it work?

What is a digital agency and how does it work?

Different from a traditional advertising agency, a digital marketing agency is a group of digital-conscience marketers who are focused on creating results in the online space.

For the “digital” part of this equation, this can look very different, from creating a new website design to custom app development (think shopping carts and members-only portals) as well as more traditional marketing that other agencies are picking up on such as SEO, social media, content generation and digital strategies that spend marketing budgets more efficiently than newspapers, magazines and billboards of marketing past.

The “agency” component is still important to our work in how we operate and specialize in our areas of expertise. In fact, it’s not uncommon for us to put on a traditional agency hat, and take on a print piece for a client or a brand package and logo design. While we love the challenge, it’s safe to say that each piece we design is looked at from a digital eye.

"How will this flow into the customer’s brand experience”

"How will these colors translate from web to print and back?"

There’s no argument that digital marketing has taken on a new life and is an important part of overall marketing budgets of every size. But what makes a digital agency unique?

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We believe when you mix a passion for digital with an agency culture you get a unique company perspective that truly exudes what it means to create movement.

A passion for digital marketing + a fast paced company culture = results only created through a digital agency

But, what makes Speak Creative so unique as far as agencies go?

Recently, we asked a few of our team members their thoughts on the subject and here’s a recap of their responses.

CJ Jordan
Business Development
Jacob Sowles
Web Developer
Nicole Davis
SiteWrench Support
Steven Palomino
Mobile Developer


What sets Speak apart from other digital agencies?

Davis: Speak is a solid company to work for. I appreciate the values the company upholds as well as the stability. One of the most unique factors of Speak is that it’s a positive working environment; people get along well and encourage one another frequently. This is very rare and something I loved about Speak the first time I worked here, and I appreciate it even more the second time around!

Palomino: What attracted me most to Speak was their values and beliefs. Over the years I’ve found that it’s easiest to sustain passion and interest in a job if you’re surrounded by like-minded people. I believe diversity is important, but it’s awesome when you can find a diverse environment that encourages unity.

Jordan: The thing that attracted me most to Speak was the culture of the organization. Speak was and is made up of really talented people who had a lot of fun while working. The team understood that “work” and “fun” are not mutually exclusive things. The relaxed environment allows, and even encourages, professional growth and development. And let’s be honest, the half-day Fridays are a huge bonus.

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What makes Speak a good choice for a digital agency?

Sowles: From a technical perspective, I’ve never worked for a company that has such dedication to doing things the right way. Even with deadlines and client expectations, Speak finds a way to prioritize things like code-based testing and documentation—things that are usually the first to get the axe when companies get into a time crunch.

Palomino: Each company’s culture is unique, but I appreciate the focus Speak has on doing good in our community and treating our team members well. We seek to not only make the best possible product for our clients, but to make a real difference in our community.

Jordan: We are comprised of people who truly enjoy what we do in a fun, friendly and flexible environment. I think when you have a team of people who are able to do what they’re passionate about, the quality of life and work is improved. Not only that, but Speak is committed to taking care of their employees both personally and professionally. Work-life balance is a primary focus. Celebrations happen regularly. Opportunities for growth are offered consistently. The last thing I would say is that each employee has a voice. We are encouraged to bring up new ideas about how we can improve a process, create efficiencies and improve projects for our clients

On a personal note, what’s your favorite perk of working at Speak?

Davis: I love that my role at Speak keeps me involved with nearly every department of the company and also gives me a chance to encourage and train our clients. It’s fulfilling to see that lightbulb go off in a client’s mind when they understand a new aspect of SiteWrench. Additionally, I get the added perk of launching a site after the months of preparation and excited anticipation. I feel a bit like a Launch Director at NASA, it’s very fun and satisfying.

Sowles: I get the sense that Speak genuinely cares for my well-being. So many companies stock snacks and games in the break room and offer competitive benefits to keep their employees happy, but not as many try to legitimately get to know you as a person and figure out how you operate like Speak does. I’ll take that over foosball any day.

Palomino: I enjoy working on the variety of fun and complex projects we get. We also have an amazingly talented team and working with them makes each project an enjoyable learning experience. We also help sharpen each other and keep each other growing.

Jordan: I appreciate the fact that Speak is allowing me to do what I’m passionate about to bring value to the team. They aren’t trying to change me or mold me into something I’m not, but rather encouraging me to go be the best at what I do. It’s been so much fun these past 4 years being in a position to talk with so many different organization across a variety of industries and having the opportunity to partner with them on different projects. No two organizations are the same, so no two projects are the same and I think that’s what makes it fun. There’s no question that when a new project comes through the door, our entire team will come together and deliver an excellent experience and end product to our clients.

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So there you have it; a little peek inside what makes a digital agency tick. At Speak, when we’re not in our zone, cranking out work for clients in the world of digital marketing, we’re teaching, growing and learning how to be better; for you and for us.

Think you have what it takes to work at a fast-paced, digital agency? Submit your application for our current openings and learn more about working at Speak here.

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