4 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Video Production

4 Myths You Shouldn't Believe About Video Production

This year, 2017, is certainly the year of accelerated video marketing growth. I mean, I just saw a stat showing 87% of online marketers use video content.

Then I saw something else that said nearly half of us watch at least one hour of video content on Facebook or YouTube per week. That’s several videos considering the average length is probably 2-3 minutes on Facebook and 5 minutes on YouTube.

I’m the exception because I watch at least two hours or more just on YouTube. But, I digress.

With video production and the increased use of video marketing, we still see a few myths – myths about the production, the price and the process. These were once truths of the past. Now they’re just myths and you don’t need to believe them.

What are they? Here are four we need to address:

Myth #1 - Video Production Is Too Expensive

It’s actually cheaper than ever to create professional videos. Cameras and gear are cheaper. Videos can be produced quicker. This all leads to lower prices for a video production.

In the past, it definitely was too expensive for most brands and organizations to tap into. It was tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to execute a professional video. That’s simply not the case anymore.

We have the ability to shoot a HD or 4K (ultra-high definition) video on a much more reasonable budget that makes sense for many brands and organizations.

We must also think in terms of complexity when it comes to price. Some videos are much more simple than others. They require less planning, filming and post-production work. Other videos require multiple storyboards, many people involved, several days of filming and longer post-production. Of course, more intensive projects will be more expensive.

The typical “About Us” video you see on a brand or organization’s website, between 2 and 4 minutes in length, doesn’t require a massive-scale production. Unless you’re Ferrari and you want to get aerial shots of your cars in three different countries.

What can you expect to pay for?
  • Planning & storyboarding
  • On-site filming
  • Music licensing
  • Editing
  • Delivery

*All of those are wrapped up into the production cost.

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Myth #2 - I Only Get One Final Video

The truth is we can re-edit or “re-package” the footage into a separate video at the cost of editing and not another full production. You get your final video from your initial project, but we also have an archive of footage that can be re-packaged and used in a new way.

For example, let’s say your original video project is a 3-minute “About Us” video about your organization. We can re-package the footage into a 30-second highlight video that can be used on social media or at an event or on the background of your website.

Case in point:

The beauty of video is that the same footage can be edited in several ways to create stand-alone videos that you can use in other ways. This reduces cost for you and allows you to do more with your initial project.

Myth #3 - I Can Only Use Video as a Television Commercial

The truth is more people are watching video content on other platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube and Netflix, than on traditional TV. Sure, you certainly have older age groups that still watch most of their video content on traditional cable. However, recording cable is a pretty common occurrence, so while people might still watch traditional TV they are probably skipping right through the commercials.

Instead of only one delivery channel for video content, we now have many options. The goal for your video production can be much more diversified.

Let’s explore several uses for videos:

Video is so widely used today and the possibilities are much greater than just five years ago. We have access to quicker distribution channels than ever before. We can share a video on a social media channel and receive 100 views within a matter of minutes.

Again, video isn’t limited to a television ad.

Myth #4 - Videos Take A Long Time To Produce

Honestly, we can turn around video within three weeks. It all depends on schedules, revisions and the process. We do everything on our end to plan the production so everything remains on-time.

Of course, things happen. People get sick. The weather doesn’t cooperate. We end up needing to reshoot an interview.

From start to finish, a production doesn’t need more than three or four weeks to be complete. Some video production teams take much longer during the post-production process. Sometimes, they overbook their team and that leads to much longer production times. However, we aim for a great production completed in a timely manner so you can hurry up and deliver it through whichever channel you need.

You might be wondering what all goes into the actual production. Let’s go through that really quick:

  • Discovery meeting to discuss your goals for the video
  • Creative brief development and storyboarding to plan the production
  • Review of creative brief and goals
  • Schedule on-site filming
  • On-site filming (one day, or multiple days)
  • First edit/concept created and reviewed with you
  • Additional revision rounds (typically two rounds)
  • Delivery plan (embed on your website, upload to YouTube/Vimeo, use on social, etc.)

All-in-all, we can complete that in three to four weeks and you can have a beautiful video to achieve your marketing goals!

Myths Gone

So there you go -- maybe you arrived here with a few of these myths ringing true. Now they’re false. You don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on video production. You can go big or small and it won’t cost your entire marketing budget for the year.

You can use a video in multiple ways and share it through multiple channels, which is more diversified and far-reaching than ever before. You’re not limited to a traditional tv commercial.

And you can get everything done in less time than you thought. Win win all the way around.

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