Video Case Study - Pediatrics East

Video Case Study - Pediatrics East

It’s one thing to plan, film and produce a video for a client. It’s another thing to do that and plot the strategic release of the video for greater engagement. 

For Pediatrics East, we did the latter. 

What Did We Do?

We planned, filmed and produced a video highlighting their pediatric practice and patient care from several angles: building relationships, offering a diverse group of doctors, innovating technology and maintaining the overall mission. The client chose four of its doctors to speak on each of those angles, and we executed the interviews. 

Along with the interviews, we captured scenes around each of the five clinics to provide the audience with a glimpse of the doctor’s work ethics, their interactions with patients, the support staff (nurses and receptionists) and the settings of each clinic. 

Here’s the final production: 

How much was involved in this production?

We spent around 10 hours total on-site at Pediatrics East. We captured the interviews and b-roll footage during those 10 hours. Then, we spent 25 to 30 hours editing and mastering the final production along with a few revision rounds. 

Our Publishing Strategy: 

We have the pleasure of working with Pediatrics East on their social media presence, which means our strategy could be more involved for the video’s release. With that in mind, our video team and our social media strategist for Pediatrics East produced the following plan for release: 

  • Embed the video on the homepage of Pediatrics East’s website, along with their About page 
  • Split the 3+ minute video into five separate videos for distribution on Facebook - covering the angles mentioned above
  • Release separate videos over the course of a few weeks 
  • Release directly through Facebook video uploads (not simply sharing a Vimeo link) 

As much as we (and the client) love the video we produced, here’s the honest truth – not everyone will watch the 3 minute video. And, those who do hit play may only watch 50 percent of the video because of limited attention spans. 

Releasing the video in five parts allows for the following:
1) More video content to publish, meaning more opportunities to capture the audience’s attention
2) Probability that people watch more of the video because it’s split into shorter segments 

How Is It Working?

Of course, it doesn’t do much good to speak hypothetically of the benefits of our strategy without testing it. So, how is the strategy working for Pediatrics East? 

Within the first 24 hours of release on Facebook, the first video segment garnered 2,000 views and kept going from there. After four days, we reached these stats organically (no paid views): 

The audience completely ate it up. We expected to see views topple 1,000 and probably reach 2,000. We didn’t expect it to be close to 4,000 within four days - plus 193 reactions, 44 comments and 15 shares. 

To top it off, the end of the video made mention of a new clinic location that hasn’t been officially mentioned on their Facebook page. Some followers were quite excited to hear of a new location (per their comments). 

You might be asking, “Okay, great stats, but what is this doing for their organization?”

It’s doing the following: 

1. Establishing a personal connection by having doctors on camera
2. Showing what Pediatrics East is all about (rather than just telling through words) 
3. Creating an open forum for people to react (everyone reacted with praise for Pediatrics East, which is social proof for their work) 
4. Driving traffic to the About page on the website - the most views in one day for that page

How About The Website?

So far, the video has 500 views from the website, and it’s tied for being the second-most clicked item on the homepage (second to the Patient Portal). Take a look at our heatmap: 

Concluding Thoughts:

We do love video. It’s one of the greatest forms of media and ways to engage an audience. We also know just producing and sharing a video once isn’t as good without focused strategy behind it.

That’s why we work hard to give you the strategy you need to maximize the use of a video in your marketing. By incorporating a strategy such as splitting a longer video into shorter, shareable segments or placing the video in the right spot on your website and tracking it for performance, you are more likely to execute on your marketing plan. 

We’re focused on great production + great strategy. 

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