Ultimate Power Rankings

Ultimate Power Rankings

Have you ever ranked your favorite candy? What about your favorite food to get from a gas station? Join Speak Creative's VPs for an entirely off topic conversation as they debate their ultimate power rankings. 


Entirely Off Topic: Ultimate Power Rankings | Episode 10

David: Hello everyone and thank you for joining us once again. You are listening to A Little Off Topic, one agency's water cooler chat on digital marketing, business, and all the things that get in the way, presented by Speak Creative. Today, we are celebrating 10 whole episodes by going not just a little off topic, but completely off topic. We're having a little fun this week and bringing a Speak Creative Slack tradition to the rest of the world in the form of what we are calling "the power rankings world championships." My name is David Caffey, I'm Speak's Digital Marketing Manager, and the host of A Little Off Topic, and my fellow competitors joining me this week are Speaks' VP leadership team, Kindra Svendsen is VP of Client Partnerships. The first of our two "Matts" is Matt Roberts, VP of Marketing and Sales finally with us again, is Matt Ervin, VP of Creative Service. We're also joined this week by Jessica Freeman, who is our executive producer, but will act as our referee today. 

David: A few years ago, our fellow team member Cody Gross posted an article to our Digital Marketing Slack channel that ranked the top Little Debbie snacks. Needless to say, we didn't all agree upon that order. That little debate/war led us to expand to other topics like Disney movies and I think even Taylor Swift songs at one point. So if it's something you can order in a number list, then we are ready to fight about it. So today I asked each member of our panel to bring their top five rankings for a topic that they're passionate about and allow the rest of us to critique and even maybe roast them for it. At the end of the episode, senior official Jessica Freeman will tally up the judges points and declare a winner. So we're going to start off today going through the rule book that I wrote right before we recorded this. We're gonna chat a little bit about the backstory of power rankings at Speak. Then from there, we'll dive right into the action. We had a lot of fun with this one, so let's get right to it. As always, we thank you for taking the time to listen to our show today and I hope you enjoy today's episode of A Little Off Topic.

David: January 3rd, 2018. Our colleague Cody Gross posted in our Slack channel a definitive ranking list of Little Debbie snacks, and it has been two and a half years, and we are still fighting over those power rankings. We have all developed our own power rankings and turned that into a sport and in the spirit of sportsmanship and competition, a champion will be crowned today. Welcome to the first annual power rankings world championship. 

Roberts: Oh yeah. I'm bringing home the trophy. Is there a trophy? 

David: There will be a trophy. It's more like a title, like Miss America. 

Roberts: Like a belt? 

David: Yeah. Well, the belts are reserved for me. 

Kindra: Yeah, David has a belt actually. 

David: I have three. Anyways, the champion, as I said, will be crowned today. So let's go down the rules. Let's start off and all go down the rules here for a little competition today. Each competitor is going to introduce a unique power ranking topic of their own and present that topic, ranking their items, starting from five ending at #1. This will follow with a debate period where those rankings will be challenged. Points will be awarded based on strength of those rankings and topics as well as defending the ranking. Points will be deducted for personal attacks or unsportsmanlike conduct or aggressiveness. In charge of those points will be senior official Jessica Freeman, who is also the executive producer of our podcast will be in charge of that. We'll be crowning a winner at the end. Do I have any questions before I get started? 

Roberts: What constitutes a personal attack? Could you give me an example? 

Ervin: Oh, shut up.

David: Thank you, also that's minus five points. It's a little aggressive. 

Ervin: Dang it. Sabotage. 

Kindra: Can you refresh our memory on how the Little Debbie challenge went down? Who was the winner?

Roberts: Oh yeah. I'm curious about this.

David: That was like a war of attrition. It's never ended. There's really not a winner in that contest because it gets brought back up every time and we've never been able to agree. As more people join the team, it's hard to explain that, “No David doesn't really want to go to the store and buy all the Swiss Rolls and put them in the dumpster. That's just a thing we say, but it's part of our culture here and today we're going to share that with the world.” 

Roberts: He's only done it twice.  

David: Only done it twice. 

Kindra: I'm prepared to battle if you want to bring that one back.

Ervin: Yeah, it was Walgreen's dumpster, not Kroger, so there weren't as many. 

David: You have to start small. Think globally, act locally. 

Roberts: I'm pretty sure Matt just spit his coffee out. 

Ervin: I almost did. 

David: In order to keep it fair, I'm going to spin a big wheel and whoever it lands on will go first. I'm going to go ahead and spin that now. It landed on me. So I am going first, I will introduce my topic and then we'll go from there. So if you guys are familiar with TikTok, there's been a trend lately of sharing your gas station order. So when you go to the gas station, what do you buy? And as I feel like Speak’s connoisseur of gas station culture and food and cuisine, I am most qualified to present the quintessential top five things you could buy at a gas station. 

Roberts: Oh man, I'm excited about this. 

David: So what I'm envisioning here is a Pilot station. We have Pilot down here, the giant truck stops that are like huge gas stations. This is not necessarily like a small gas station. Regionally, there are other ones. But you get it. So coming in #5 is the huge soda. So at 7/11 it's called Big Gulp. Everybody has the 128 oz soda. At Pilot, there are like 115 different sodas you can pick from. If you're a big fan of sodas, going to a Pilot station is like going to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. #4 is Peanut M&M's. I feel like they're the baseline M&M. I'm not personally a fan of peanut M&M's, but I feel like that is the go to.

Roberts: Alright, so we're supposed to let you get through your list before we fight with you, right?

David: Yes. You're supposed to let me get through the list. 

Ervin: Hush. Minus 5. 

David: #3 is lucky seven scratch off lottery tickets, because those pay. You can win up to $7,000. So imagine going into the gas station and coming out richer than when you walked in.

Kindra: The hope of it for five seconds.

David: #2 is gas. Without gas, there would be no gas station. 

Roberts: Good call.

David: And #1. This is really the only thing that matters on this list. #1 is the hot dog off the rollers. There's no better hot dog in the world than a hot dog off gas station rollers. Maybe the carousel hot dog merry go round thing is there, but off the rollers there's no better food. Try to find me a better hot dog. Try to buy me a better food anywhere than a hot dog off gas station rollers coming in at #1.

Roberts: Okay, I fully support your #1. I don't know if I can give you extra points, but I have been known to buy a roller hot dog. 

Ervin: I feel like those things need an odometer on them, so you know how many miles they've rolled before you actually consume it. 

Kindra: They also need a hydration station, because normally when you see them they're so shriveled because they're so old. 

Ervin: They don't plump when you cook it. It's not a ballpark. 

Kindra: I can't believe your #5 isn't higher. A big gulp or a fountain soda should be #1 for sure. 

Roberts: It is something to be able to get 128oz for like 78 cents. Compare that to a bottle of Coke. 

David: Compare that to a bottle of water. It's cheaper than water. 

Kindra: And it has more water in it than the bottle of water technically. 

David: Technically, it does have water in it. Plus other stuff. Food coloring.

Kindra: Peanut M&M's, though. Like get out of here with that. I don't mind peanut M&Ms but not gas station. 

Ervin: Also it is highly insensitive to choose peanut M&M's because some people are not able to eat peanuts. 

Roberts: Oh yeah. You're going to be really disappointed in my list then. What was five on your list? 

David: #5 was a huge soda. 

Roberts: That felt okay, but I felt like it could be higher ranked. 

David: #4 Peanut M&Ms. #3 was Lucky 7s because those pay. 

Kindra: Yes. If I walk into a gas station with cash on me, I'm buying scratcher tickets.

Roberts: Is that true? Maybe in Mississippi we can't afford scratcher tickets, so we just get boiled peanuts instead. 

David: Just think of how many boiled peanuts you could get if you hit on that lucky seven. 

Roberts: Oh man. You could buy that whole thing. 

Ervin: So are you buying them in a can? Or are you buying them like where they sell them rolled up in a paper bag that somebody has boiled recently? Cause they have both.

Roberts: They have the little tub with the lift up lid and the ladle. You don't really know how long it's been there like the hotdog. Which is why I'm also a fan of the hot dog in the #1 spot.

Kindra: So we know Matt has no good taste. Got it. 

Ervin: We know Matt loves sodium. That's what we know. 

Roberts: Personal attacks, Kindra. No personal attacks. 

Jessica: Status update. David, you did not mention my favorite gas station food. 

Roberts: Which is? 

Jessica: Icee. 

David: That's a subcategory of #5. You can also argue the giant coffees is also a sub category under #5. 

Roberts: Icees/slushies are the worst, because you get a third of the way through and then just have ice. 

Ervin: If you ever hit Dr. Pepper Icee, they're a rare beast but that is a jackpot. I've actually only found them in Oklahoma. This was at the corner of Toby Keith Avenue and 5th in Moore, Oklahoma and there was a place that had the Dr. Pepper Icee. It was literally half a mile from where I lived. 

Roberts: That's a pretty strong list there, David. That was pretty good. 

David: Alright. I'll spend the wheel to see who goes next. It's spinning. It's Matt Roberts. Congratulations, Matt Roberts. 

Roberts: Oh yes. Can I see the wheel? I feel like I need to see the wheel.

David: It's invisible. 

Ervin: It's very quiet.

Roberts: This might be a little early, but I feel like it's okay because we're coming up on Halloween. Mine is going to be Halloween candy power rankings. I don't see how you could disagree with me on any of this really. 

Ervin: If you say service peanut, you're immediately disqualified. 

Kindra: Or boiled peanuts.

Roberts: Honorable mention. Circus Peanut. Alright, so Halloween candy power rankings. #5 get stuck in your teeth and they last forever. Milk Duds. 

Kindra: Solid. You only get them at Halloween. 

Ervin: Nobody goes out and buys Milk Duds.

Kindra: Not true. 

Roberts: So this is my caveat around the whole category. With Halloween candy, these are things that you would be delighted to have in your bag either A) because you only get them at Halloween or B) because they're always awesome, like it's a huge jackpot. So I feel like it firmly fits into that first category of one of the things you only really eat at Halloween. That's my #5. I found one last year that had 5 in it. By the way, I raid all my kids candy.

Ervin: It's your right.

Roberts: Yeah. It's the, it's the parent tax. 

Kindra: Parent tax. 

Roberts: Coming in at #4, Warheads. Warheads are fantastic. Again, one of the ones that you're never going to go out and buy, but when you get one in the bag, you're so excited to test the fortitude of your mouth with some more heads tonight. #3 I feel like is super solid all around. 100 Grand Bars. You got some chocolate. You got some caramel, you got the little rice crispy puff thing. It's good texture. Solid. It's really good. Alright. #2 is Twix. Can't really argue with the Twix. 

Ervin: You don't buy Twix? 

Roberts: Yeah, this goes firmly into that category where you're always excited to get this regardless. 

Kindra: I successfully taught my oldest son when he was like two or three that the candy in the gold wrapper was really gross when he was little for Halloween. So the parent tax swiped all of those away because they're so gross. Oh It went on for a couple years and then he tasted one and called me a liar. He brings it up every Halloween. It's a thing now.

Roberts: And #1 unless you're Matt Ervin, I feel like this is entirely uncontroversial. Reese's in any variety. So the best Reese's is when you get the individually wrapped, single cup that you would get in like a normal packet of Reese's. That's when you've got a neighbor who cares about you.

Kindra: Oh, that's when you know.

Ervin: Not when you didn't find razor blades in your candy. 

Kindra: Or when he mowed your grass or brought your trash can down. 

Roberts: I felt like I could probably do a power ranking of Reese's candy all by itself because there's so many different varieties, but Reese's pieces are also fantastic. So anyway, those are my rankings. 

Kindra: My husband would argue that the Easter eggs and Christmas trees come before the pumpkins. 

Roberts: Yeah, there's one that has like the best chocolate to peanut butter ratio. Maybe it is the Easter egg. Yeah. That might be right. 

Ervin: Okay. So I'm thinking of some obscure candy right now and I gotta ask, could it have made a power ranking? Bit-O-Honey.

David: Bit-O-Honey for great depression candy, maybe. 

Kindra: It's right down there with butterscotch disks. 

David: I have some comments on #4 and #5. #1 through #3 are very strong. Milk Duds. First of all, have you ever been to a movie theater? Second of all, Milk Duds are just brown modeling paste invented by dentists to make money. Cause they rip your teeth out and they're terrible. So that's my comment on milk duds and fine. Okay then Warheads. So we were talking about smelling salts the other day in DM chat. Why aren't you just smelling salts that you eat? It's the same effect. You ask why did I do that? Why am I eating this right now? It's a personal challenge. I wouldn't consider it a thing I would be excited to get now. 

Roberts: Okay. Hold on. I will say, you don't want a bag full of Warheads. When you're going through your candy at the end of the night, if you get two or three, it feels pretty solid. Well I feel bad for Ervin and Kindra, because you haven't even gone yet and I've already beat you.

Ervin: I thought you were going to say that you made it like it made it real easy for us. Smooth sailing.

Roberts: No, come on. 

David: Well I will make one more comment on Warheads before I spin the wheel. I haven't had one in 20 years and just talking about them makes my jaw hurt right now. 

Roberts: Jaw hurts? Or your mouth is watering? 

David: My mouth is watering, but Warheads would get into the jaw and cause pain. 

Kindra: Into the muscle.

Roberts: It only happens when you eat certain things. Yeah. It's a great feeling is what you're saying. 

David: That's up for debate still.

Roberts: Fully deserving #4 on my power rankings list. 

David: I'm going to spin the wheel one more time here. It's Kindra. Congratulations, Kindra. You're going next. Please present your topic. 

Kindra: Well, it's almost fall and we have a little bit of a tradition in our household. Every Sunday, we make a giant pot of soup. So as we are looking for our cozy sweaters, feeling that fall crisp air, I'd like to present the best soups.

Roberts: It's currently 93 degrees outside with 80% humidity. 

Kindra: Not in here. Not with the air conditioning. 

Ervin: I walked my kid a quarter mile to school and back and had to change shirts. 

Kindra: Can we deduct five points please? They're badgering before I even get my list presented. 

Jessica: Absolutely. 

David: Filibuster. 

Ervin: Yeah that's what that was. 

Kindra: Alright, so these are soups for a group, if you will. These are not gazpacho. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel.

Roberts: Good, because I would give you crap about gazpacho. 

Kindra: These are soups for a group. These are comfort soups. These are the soups you want on that fall crisp day, that cold winter's afternoon for football games. Every Sunday, my household has soup Sunday. Alright. #5. This one. I never think it sounds good, but it's always good. Broccoli cheddar soup. It's solid. 

David: If it's solid you probably don't want it.

Kindra: I worked at a Schlotzsky's. That was my first job and their broccoli cheese soup really was everything. So, it has stuck around and it's served every year. So broccoli cheese soup, that's #5. #4. Tomato soup. Not Campbell's tomato soup, but like a heirloom tomato basil soup served with grilled cheese, if you will. #3 is chicken, sausage, and white bean stew. This is the crowd favorite. 

Roberts: I was pretty disappointed in #4 and #5. I'm not going to be not going to lie. #3 and #4 are solid. 

Kindra: This soup is the one that is most requested. My children will eat it. My husband eats it. They come back for more. So again, chicken, sausage, and white bean soup. We use Conecuh sausage and rotisserie chicken. 

Roberts: Oh yeah, you do. 

Ervin: Only the best. 

Roberts: I'm now irritated that it's not #1. 

Kindra: Because, so #2, this is where we go for the crowd pleasers. These are the weeks I know I can invite the neighbors over. I can invite the friends over because it's going to work for them. 

Roberts: Wait, you're not serving your neighbors tomato soup?

Ervin: Or broccoli cheese soup?

Roberts: Go ahead.

Ervin: No! It's going to be great. You're having broccoli soup. 

Kindra: #2 is potato soup. A good potato soup. I will add bacon to it. I'm not trying to do vegan. It's going to be creamy. It's going to have all the fixings in it, bonus points for my husband if I put sausage in it and make it like Olive Gardens' Zuppa Toscana soup. 

Roberts: Oh yeah, there you go. 

Kindra: That is one that is served multiple times throughout the season. Then #1, you can't go wrong. Chicken noodle. We've got homemade noodles or like the thick egg noodles, not just Campbell's style. Rotisserie chicken. Again, crowd pleaser. I can put carrots in it. I can put peas in it. I can do whatever I want. People will love it. People will eat it. 

Ervin: No peas in it. 

Roberts: No. Why would you put peas in that? 

Kindra: Sometimes we have to, okay? Sometimes my kid hasn't eaten a vegetable in a few days. 

Ervin: That's like chicken noodle soup pot pie. If you put all of that in it. 

Kindra: Also not opposed to that. So, as I go into the fall season, that is on my menu. Let's hear it.

David: First of all, I don't remember us talking about you ranking stews. I thought we were talking about soups.

Kindra: Well, I called it a stew because I made it up. Not everyone does that, so I don't know what to call it. You can call it a soup. 

Ervin: A stoup.

Roberts: Oh, come on, Rachel Ray. 

Ervin: Is that a Rachel Ray thing? If it is, I immediately redact and apologize. So sorry.

Roberts: I have a hard time getting excited about broccoli cheese, which I suppose is why it's #5, but I'm curious to know what else exists below #5?

Ervin: What's worse than broccoli cheese soup? Is that what you're saying? 

Kindra: In the depths of winter, you get pretty creative and I have had some #6 kind of soups for sure. 

David: This is difficult because you didn't list the ones that I hate and I don't know what to do with myself right now. 

Kindra: I'm listing the 5 best, is that not the game? 

David: I was expecting you to like soups I didn't like. That's why when you said maybe I should do soup, I said "yeah absolutely. That'd be something I could easily roast you about." But then you've listed soups that are all good. Backfire.

Kindra: So I won cause nobody disagrees? 

Ervin: Well, I will say while the homemade chicken noodle soup is delicious. I don't think it belongs at #1.

Roberts: I agree with that. 

Ervin: Primarily because it is a little on the basic side of things, but you mentioned two soups that have sausage in it. I don't know if this, but I consider a sausage to be the world's most perfect food, so those should be #1 and #2. 

Kindra: So you're saying the invite should come for potato soup week.

Ervin: When I discovered Conecuh sausage, because my brother showed it to me who lived in Alabama, it was a game changer. Like there are a few moments in my life where I can look back and realize that the trajectory shifted right there and the intro to Conecuh sausage was it. 

Kindra: Well, chicken noodle belongs at #1 for the fact that it is, like I said, for a big group. You know that people are going to eat it. It's always delicious. You can modify it and make it your own, but it's still a crowd pleaser. So it's nostalgia. 

Roberts: It's no Warheads, but yeah. 

Kindra: Everyone has a chicken noodle soup that they think about.

David: Well, I was going to advocate on bisques for a moment here. Tomato bisque is a #1. I think Tomato Bisque is the greatest soup ever. 

Kindra: My tomato sometimes turns into a bisque.

David: Okay so swap #1 and #4 then we agree.

Roberts: Okay, hold on. We have a lot of changeability with all these different soups. 

Ervin: It's called pandering. 

Kindra: No, it's not pandering.

David: I was going to take a moment to hate on lobster bisque, which is just a Captain D's flavored melted butter. It's disgusting. I hate lobster bisque.

Ervin: I don't like lobster bisque. I agree. 

Roberts: Y'all are wrong. 

Kindra: Soup Sunday. Y'all are invited. 

Ervin: Tell me when the Conecuh soup is coming. When you're having chicken noodle, I can bring some steak along. It would be great. 

Kindra: Okay. Got it. Got it. Top 5, we've got lots of others on the menu. 

David: Well that covers soup. That leaves us without any reason to spin the wheel. It leaves us with one competitor remaining, Matt Ervin, show us your topic. I can't remember the word I used. 

Ervin: Reveal? 

David: Reveal your topic. Thank you. 

Ervin: So I have to set it up a little bit. If you listen to the first episode of the podcast, you understand that people like me have some quirks about things that do and don't annoy us. I don't judge anyone personally for these things. 

Roberts: He totally does. 

Ervin: Okay. Well, so my top 5 is the top 5 most annoying lifestyle brand stickers that you can see on a car. Now, I will tell you that I struggled with the second half of the topic, cause they're not all really lifestyle brand stickers, but the three that I like the least are definitely lifestyle brands. 

Kindra: I already know what David's #1 is going to be. 

Ervin: So if you have these on your car, we can still be friends. You don't have to hide. I'm the one that should hide, because I'm the one with the problem here. That's really what I'm doing. I have a problem. #5 is Apple. In my lifetime, I have been tempted and tempted and tempted to put an Apple sticker on my car and fought that temptation. 

Kindra: Good for you. 

Ervin: Because it's a computer or a phone. You don't see somebody with Android stickers on their cars or a Windows 95 sticker on their car. 

David: I'd put a Windows 95 sticker on my car in a heartbeat. 

Roberts: I'd do that. I'm with you David. 

Ervin: I would actually consider putting the Apple with the rainbow stripes on my car, because the first Apple I had was actually embedded in the machine. So Apple was #5. The next one stems primarily from the first neighbor that we had when we lived there in Memphis. It is your car's brand written really big across the car. So my neighbor's dad came over frequently and they're really nice people. His dad was a nice dude. He drove a Dodge caravan. It was probably about 15 years old at the time. Across the windshield really big, it had "Dodge minivan" written across inletters across the top of his windshield. Like yeah, we know it's a Dodge minivan. 

Kindra: So to be clear, you're talking about aftermarket add on. 

Ervin: Oh yeah, yeah.

Kindra: Well, you know how some of them have like painted Dodge or whatever these are. 

Ervin: I don't know. If you've got a really bright Dodge, you really are bored and have it really big on your car. It's a thing. Like I'm gonna put "Hyundai minivan" on my car. Suckers. So those two are throwaways a little bit. The next one, Yeti coolers. 

Roberts: Oh, bring the heat. #1 and #2 better be really good. 

Ervin: I took the Igloo cooler sticker off my car for this particular reason. I did not have an Igloo sticker on my car. But really it's an ice chest guys. Like I get that it's a good ice chest, but really? Yeti coolers? The thing about it is it's a lifestyle brand so you have seen the commercials. "I'm tough like this cooler's tough."

David: There's really only one common activity that bonds the Yeti community. 

Ervin: What is that? 

David: I believe that's drinking, excessively. 

Ervin: Yeah. It's a quality product.

Roberts: "I got a cooler full of Natty light!" 

Ervin: That's when you need your Igloo sticker. So anyway, I'll be selling Igloo stickers. You can get the URL for the website in the show notes.

Kindra: That was #3? 

Ervin: That was #3. Yeti coolers. #2 is Vineyard Vines. The whale. It's not enough that you wear the shirt with the little whale on it but now that I have to put it on the car so that random people in traffic know that those are the polos that I bought and probably socks too. Maybe even boxers. So that was #2. I really doubt anybody shares this last one with me. There are reasons that I've picked this one, but my least favorite sticker to see on somebody's car is a 30A sticker. 

Kindra: I knew that was going to be it.

Ervin: Because it's like "I don't know if you've heard..." My family has gone to 30A. My parents went there a lot. I don't have a problem with the place, but it's the people who have the sticker acting like they go to this little place in Florida if we've heard of it. It's so quaint. It's called 30A. That's the name of a state highway, right? It's SR 30A state road 30A and you put the sticker on your car. They have a crummy grocery store. The restaurants down there are all over priced. They're only about 4 that are really great. Yeah, 30A. Guess how great I am? Honorable mentions. These aren't lifestyle brands except one. The lifestyle brand one is the no fear, fear. This ain't scared line of sight. 

Kindra: I was very worried that you had missed complete categories of bumper stickers, so thank you. 

Ervin: There's others. I am an avid Calvin and Hobbes fan. I absolutely love it. 

Kindra: That’s the pee one? 

Ervin: Yes. Bill Waterson did a bad job of protecting his intellectual property rights, so they were able to do that with his character, which really made me mad. I don't like that. I love Calvin and Hobbes. Decorated my son's room in Calvin and Hobbes when he was born. He's read them all to this day. 

Ervin: Waterson is the best. Like one of the best comic writers ever. Him and Gary Larson. Next up are political candidates that are from more recent, but not current elections. 

Kindra: John Kerry. 

Ervin: If you had like a Reagan/Bush sticker on your car, that would be awesome. '84 Reagan Bush. But if you're driving around with a John Kerry sticker on your car right now, you should take that down. 

Ervin: Mitt Romney. Exactly. So then the other one is a category and it's stickers that answer other stickers. So when you see "no one cares about your stick figure family" obviously you do. You went to the trouble to buy that. 

Kindra: My dog is smarter than your honors student. 

Ervin: Yes, exactly. The stickers that answer other stickers. Like the 0.0 instead of 26.2. Really? Come on, dude. I did see one of those that was round, a long time ago, when the white ovals with the mileage first came out, and it said "ribs" and I immediately respected that guy. 

Kindra: So that's like 10. 

Ervin: These are my honorable mentions. Last one, last one. Well, I probably don't know. Any other derivations of the "coexist" bumper sticker. That falls into the category of bumper stickers that answer other bumper stickers. So those are my power rankings with my honorable mentions and I probably have alienated half the people that I know.  

David: Well you didn't say Salt Life so you still have Kindra on board. 

Kindra: I wrote Salt Life down, because I knew that was going to be your #1, David.

Ervin: Is that your #1? Salt Life? 

David: I think my #1 would be the stickers and answer on the stickers. 

Roberts: Yeah, I feel like your list is really pretty solid. I would personally move Apple and Yeti higher up the list. But Vineyard Vines is #2? 

Ervin: Yeah.

Roberts: It makes me laugh anytime I see somebody with a Vineyard Vines bumper sticker. 

Kindra: Two categories that were not brought up. What about the full window American flag? There's that and then the actual stick figure families. How do you guys feel about that? 

Ervin: Those land in the honorable mention category, because you're just recognizing that you're a dad. You're not like "I vacation in 30A... I don't know if you've heard. You probably haven't." 

Roberts: "Oh, I've never heard of that beach. Is it near 30A?"

Ervin: "How do you get there?" Well, you drive down 30A and you're there.

Roberts: I don't have any strong feelings against your list, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to argue with you, but I feel like that's really solid.

Ervin: That's it, huh? Y'all are speechless?

Jessica: I don't know if this is the moment that you want to hear the winner, but Ervin is winning for sure.

Ervin: None of my statements were calculated.

David: It's almost like the wheel knew ahead of time who was going to have the best category for having him go last.

Ervin: It's certainly the most opinionated category.

Jessica: He gave a really, really long list of honorable mentions. So maybe if you throw out enough stuff, you'll win.

Ervin: I didn't even think about that.

Roberts: I was about to say that feels like a cheat, because I almost gave like the top 20 Halloween candies.

Kindra: We followed the rules, Roberts.

Roberts: Yeah, I did.

Ervin: There was no rule against honorable mentions.

Roberts: If you guys want to see a definitive list of Halloween candy power rankings, you can visit FiveThirtyEight.com. They have a statistical breakdown of many years of research over people's favorite Halloween candies. It's pretty fascinating. No big surprises in the Top 10. But as you get further down the list, you're like "Whoa, I forgot that exists!"

Ervin: So those little things shaped like Coke bottles that are wax that you have to bite the top off and then drink a quarter ounce of fluid inside.

Kindra: My kids got those last year.

Roberts: Does anyone know what kind of fluid is in there?

Ervin: It's sugar water, it's sugar water. It's melted down. They took some Warheads and ground them up and poured some water in. That's what it is.

Jessica: Did you go with their list so that you would statistically have a better chance of agreement?

Roberts: No, I didn't. I did compare after I made my list and they did break out like all the different kinds of reeses. So Reese's occupies like 7 of the top 10 spots in their list.

Jessica: I will say, not that you're looking for further commentary on my decision, but your #1 and #2 might have been the strongest, but your #3 through #5 is really what lost it for you.

Roberts: For me? Aww.

Ervin: I don't know if you heard, but she said lost, too. So sorry, man.

Kindra: I will say that if I'm power ranking power ranking lists, the bracket beats out the list. So I'm interested in round 2 with a bracket system.

Roberts: So we initially seed them and then we have to vote. That's good.

Ervin: Like best sitcoms?

Kindra: Our team did what? Best Disney movie?

David: Yeah. But the winner there was wrong.

Roberts: David disagrees.

Kindra: At some point there was a Taylor Swift bracket going around for best song.

Roberts: So hold on, hold on, hold on. Before we get too far ahead, Jessica, we need you to power rank the power ranking. So apparently Matt Ervin is #1, jerk. Who is #2?

Ervin: Minus points for you right there by the way, you're dropped further.

Jessica: I think Ervin would go #1. But if we're going by strength of topic, David would be #2. But if we're going by actual answers, we're going to go with Matt Roberts.

Roberts: Yeah. We're going by answers then.

Jessica: Yep and then I'm going to go Kindra and then David.

Roberts: Woah.

Kindra: That was a turn of events. Wasn't expecting that.

Jessica: Kindra, I'm very sorry to say this portion, but if we're going by strength of topic, then you lose. But by actual answers..

Kindra: That's fine. I've got a whole list for next time.

Jessica: But with David, my favorite one wasn't mentioned. Several of my favorite soups were mentioned. Twix, Reese's, those are solid candies. Ervin's answers and topic though is what gets in the #1 spot.

Roberts: Yeah, as soon as I heard your topic, I knew we'd be fighting for second.

Jessica: But you prevailed. You got second.

Roberts: Well I guess we'll let Ervin claim the title this time.

Ervin: But you tried really hard. Like you tried really hard.

Roberts: Thank you for belittling me. You tried really hard. You failed.

Ervin: You have to take a shot.

David: You've got to take those shots.

Roberts: Yeah. You miss a hundred percent of the shots you don't take.

Ervin: I'm going to go scrape the bumper stickers off my car. I'll see you later.

David: Well, that's it for today. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Congratulations to Matt Ervin, the inaugural world's champion of power rankings. We had a good clean fight today. Hopefully, we'll do something like that again soon. Even though I was robbed of this victory, thanks again to Jessica for officiating today and for everything else she does for the podcast every week. If you're interested in our episodes where we're a little more on topic, we have a ton of content that touches on the various facets of content strategy, web design, digital marketing, and more, on our blog head over to madebyspeak.com to check out the latest and greatest there. 

As always, if you have questions or feedback for today's episode, we'd love to hear from you. What did we get right? What did we get wrong? And what are your best power rankings? Speak is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, whichever social media platform you prefer. We are there and can't wait to hear from you. If you enjoyed the show, I ask you to please subscribe and leave a review on your podcast platform of choice. So from myself, our panel today, and all of us speak, thank you for getting a little off topic with us.

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